Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ahhh......... Boys Will Be Boys

How did I guess.......... Chad came home from school in one piece, surprisingly no mud on his clothes, still looking nearly as smart as when he left for school. But............... the inevitable had to happen.  His friend John, came over, because they were going cycling at Teak Place early this morning, so he slept over and brought his bicycle with him.

The two of them were riding in the garden when Chad came to me with a worried look on his face and said mom I need to talk to you about something.

Whats wrong my babes?  I replied.

My jeans got caught in my bicycle's chain and tore and I am really sorry.

I should have accepted the fact that he was truly sorry and remorseful, because after all they were his jeans and his favourite ones, but I was really angry and shouted at him in front of John.

The thing is, it was not an accident per say, plus he is almost 13 and needs to start looking after his stuff.  If it was the first time it happened I would have been more sympathetic, but it is the third or fourth pair of jeans/shorts that have been ripped by his bicycle chain and as murphey's law would have it, it is always, not only his new clothes, but the expensive ones, everytime.

The jeans were just on R400.00 and they are not even a month old, which for a pair of boys jeans, the price is grossly expensive, but he got them because he liked them.  You can't even mend them, because it is not a tear but ripped in two places.

The decision to let him look like a little street child becomes easier all the time.

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