Saturday, 24 April 2010

Baby J and the Taxi

For those who know me and have seen me with Baby J and have wondered who he is, but don't ask. Why people don't just come out and ask who he is, instead of trying to pretend not to notice him, whilst wondering and whispering behind my back.

Baby J's mother worked for me in our shop as a cashier, they live in the rooms at the back of the shop, so very sad. It all started out with me feeling sorry for him, as the room is rather dark and there was nowhere that he could crawl around and do all the things babies are suposed to do to grow up healthy and strong.

Everytime he came to the shop with his mom on her days off, I would give him a sweetie or juice. I also felt bad because the staff saw how spoilt Chad was although for the year that we had the shop we worked 7 days a week and very long hours, we were very hands on - too hands on.  We would still find the time to take him to movies and ice skating and he always got sweets and cold drinks if he wanted.

This started just before he turned one years old, so he is not a baby as such, but because he is so tiny, I call him a baby. He also only started to walk when he was 18 months old and is nearly two and still wobbles and is not very stable on his feet.  He can't talk either, well we think he can't talk, but he probably speaks all 11 official languages and more, because he understands English as well as quite a few other languages. Everyone speaks to him in their own languages.  He is a very popular little boy with all the staff in the building and the customers.

It went from a juice and a sucker to him spending time with us and has become so attached to us, especially me that whenever he sees me, he screams and cries to come to me. And screams and cries when I have to leave.

Their room is right by our work shop and now that he is getting older it is very difficult to keep him inside so the other day his mom let him play outside because it was Saturday and no one was around and the gate was locked.  She suddenly noticed that he was very quiet and looked for him in the yard and could not find him.

She went running around frantically looking for him and then saw him with one of the petrol attendants who found him standing on the pavement with an umbrella in his hand and his finger in the air waiting for a taxi.

For those of you who are not from South Africa. Putting your finger up in the air is the signal to catch a taxi. Not the thumb out for hiking a lift, but your pointer finger, one finger means to a certain destination and two fingers another one.  How they know, only they would know. Baby Jay loves going in taxis, probably anything to get out of that room and going in a taxi means going out the room.  As cute as it was it was really bad of his mom not to watch him.  He must have crawled under the gate and the cars although it is a residential area the residents think it is Kyalami Race Track.

We were meant to go to a Cheese Farm near Hartebeespoort dam tomorrow, so that Chad and Mark could go cycling there and Baby J and I would just sit around so he can play outside and have some fun and fresh air but we had a terrible rain storm at around 4pm, wind rain hail, so not the type of weather for April and this rain looks like it is set to stay for the weekend. After warming up so much today the rain just pelted down with no warning what so ever.

Till Later

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