Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cold Wet And Bleak Weekend

What a cold and wet weekend we have had.  We never got to go to the Cheese Farm on Saturday. We woke up at 6am to pouring rain, which put an end to our plans for the weekend and promptly went back to sleep.  Chad's friend spent the night so that we could leave early in the morning and we were meant to pick up Baby Jayden at 7, so after letting his mom know that we were not coming, we all carried on sleeping.

Later that morning Mark and the boys went to the Extreme Motor Show at the Coca Cola Dome in Northgate, I stayed at home and at 12 met them at Northgate to go and see a movie.

Mark and I went to see The Bounty Hunter and the boys went to see Clash Of The Titans.  They wanted to see Kick Ass, but it had a 16 age restriction so they were a bit disappointed, but said they enjoyed the movie.  I think they would probably have enjoyed The Bounty Hunter, because it was not the Rom-Com they thought it was. I kinda enjoyed it, but expected more.

After movies, they went back to the motor show and I went home. Then Chad slept at his friend's house.  Mark dropped them off, bought pizza and we ate watched a bit of TV and went to bed.
Sunday morning was just as miserable. We went grocery shopping and Chad was dropped off at home at about 3.30.  I had an afternoon sleep and last night we all watched Marley and Me on Mnet.  I had seen it previously.  Chad and I went to see it last year with another one of his friends, but they were talking so much during the movie and making me angry that I did not enjoy it then as I was rather stressed out with other stuff as well as the two boys not listening to me, but I really enjoyed it last night. It was actually a very sad movie.

Well it is still cold wet and miserable today.  So much for my lovely sunny winters - it is dark dull and drab - Yuck!!!

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