Friday, 9 April 2010

Easter Monday 2010

We woke up pretty early to go to the Rand Show, although the weather was awful. The clouds were dark, black, heavy and threatening, but we were not going to let the dreary miserable weather dampen our spirits.

Chad got dressed all smartly in his fancy jeans and smart shirt, wearing his glasses for the first time in, I think, a year, and off we went. He looked so cute and does not take after his dad who hates dressing up. The sun was peeping through the clouds trying very hard to shine as we arrived there.

It cost R70.00 entrance fee for adults and R20.00 for children under the age of 16, so it was not too bad.  Whilst we were paying our entrance fee, Chad spotted the Auto Trader stand, where they were 'drifting' cars.  A new sport of spinning and braking and screeching of fast cars, so we had to go and watch. They were offering passenger rides at R100.00 a time and children could go with a parent in the passenger seat - so no guessing who went.  as they paid it started to drizzle and whilst they were having their spin the drizzle turned into quite hard rain. It was nerve wrecking watching them but they had fun I guess.

Next was the 4 x 4 course, so I left them there and went to look for the Body Mind & Soul Fayre.  I battled to find it and after walking round full circle, found it just to the left of where I had first started looking. I looked around to see where they were having the Live Crossing Over Show, then decided I did not want to go on my own so I phoned Mark and Chad and said they must come with me. They bitched and moaned, but finally and very reluctantly relented and as we walked in the SpiritualMedium was saying that the person who was meant to be doing the Live Cross Over did not pitch so he was standing in, but not doing a LCO, but something personal - something to teach us how to connect ourselves.

We had to meditate and with him talking go to wherever we are meant to go or see whoever we are meant to see, because of Mark and Chad's complaining about going with me, I could not relax, also was very disappointed that there was not a LCO.  Eventually, I did see something, it was what looked like the scenery in Nelspruit - God's Window, Bridal Falls, Mac Mac Falls etc.  Almost as if behind a dark purple curtain.  When we finished he asked if anyone wanted to share what they saw, someone went on and on, then he asked Mark if he saw anything and he said no so I just said no as well.

We walked outside and Mark asked if I saw anything and I told him God's Window and he thought I meant God God and his window LOL. We were talking about it and Chad said he saw and old man and a lady in a white dress who jumped off something and suitcases, the old man looking friendly - more friendly than the lady.  I dont know if he was making it all up, but he did take it seriously, which surprised me, after the who-wha earlier.  Mark then said that what crossed his mind is that Clint's ashes must be scattered in the bush somewhere, but maybe it could just be what we are thinking.  I don't know and just get more and more confused and frustrated.  Perhaps we are supposed to scatter Clint's ashes and that is what it all meant.

After that we bought something to eat and the rains came pouring down and of course I never brought an umbrella with.  I forgot to get one and there were none for sale - all sold out.  We looked through the covered stalls, but it was all same old same old and nothing exciting.

We stood in the rain, by then only a drizzle and thoughts of buying an umbrella, long gone from my mind as I was wet already so what was the point, and watch the Lippizzaner Show.  The horses are so beautifull and so clever.

We then went to the circus, was not expecting much, but it was pretty good.  I could not see very well.  Chad was sitting on my lap, because he could not see and he is getting really heavy, so with a collapsed knee and peering between his head and the heads in front of us, I watched as best I could.  The Tent was pretty huge, about the same size as a normal circus tent and it was packed like sardines in a tin. I would say that was the best part of the show and it was free.

After the circus, Chad and Mark watched the Brian Kappa bike show, it really was not for me so I wandered around and found myself back at the BMS Fayre.  I don't know what I was looking for, but earlier I had gone back as well and chatted to the Medium who did the show earlier.  We chatted about what I "saw" earlier and also about our fears of mediums making money out of our vulnerability.  He never denied this, strangely enough and said that as far as he is concerned there are only 3 genuine mediums in South Africa and that there were a few inside the hall that were not genuine at all.  That really did a lot for me seeing that I am trying and trying so hard to find out if it is true or not.  He gave me the name of one woman who he said was very good, who was in the hall, but then again maybe it is his friend - who knows.  He does not do readings anymore as sometimes he does not get messages and he will not make things up.  He did a type of session at the show, but his were free everyone else charged. So when I went back whilst Chad and Mark were watching the show I got this woman's card, but she is in Edenvale.

Later we just walked around and looked at Solar Geyzers and had something else to eat and left.

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