Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Freedom Day - Tuesday- 27 April 2010

Yesterday was Freedom day, the day that all South Africans were allowed to vote and the ANC came into power. Very few, if any whites actually celebrate Freedom Day, but most black people go all out to celebrate on Freedom Day.

We don't celebrate, its just a public holiday for us.  Not because of anything against Freedom Day, I never celebrated Republic Day either. I guess Freedom day is a holiday to be free to do whatever we choose to do and I chose to have a real lazy day. Stayed in my PJ's the whole day and watched movies. It was a cold wet dark and grey miserable day and there was no point in doing anything on a holiday in the middle of a work week, other than relaxing.

I did get to thinking about Freedom day and what it means to me and if it has any meaning to me and basically it means more to me than what Republic Day meant.  It means I am free to choose who I get to have as friends and associates and who I want to associate with and I no longer have a government who dictates who may or may not come into my home or who I may enjoy time with. So yes it does have some meaning to me.

Yesterday we watched "Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door" a real cheesy movie, but I loved it.  I guess I love cheesy movies, I have come a long way from enjoying Thrillers and heavy movies. both Mark and I fell in love with Santa Catalina Island and wished we could move there. The movie was really not his type of movie, but I think he watched it just because life on the Island looked so great.

So if I could leave South Africa and move anywhere in the world it would be to Catalina Island - a girl can dream cant she?

I would love to hear from anyone who lives there or who has lived there, it would be very interesting to know if it is like that in real life or just made to look good in the movie.


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