Monday, 5 April 2010

Friday - the start of the long weekend.

On Friday morning, again we woke up to a wet miserable and bleak day.

I think I have forgotten what the sun looks like, it just keeps raining and raining.  The pond is over flowing, the pool is over flowing and the soil has erroded to a pile of mud all over the carport floor.  Yeah, red mud.  The dogs are full of mud, my car went sliding through it and I almost went slipping in it.  This is not a small patch of mud, but a huge area covered in it.

I have had enough of it, starting to get cabin fever from being forced to stay inside.  Garfield, our cat, is getting very frustrated.  she does not use a litter tray and finding dry sand is becoming a huge problem for her.

It became a very lazy day, after tidying up the house - holidays are great, except no domestic help for a whole week. I finally showered and when I looked at the time it was already 14h00, the day just flew by.

Chad's friend, John was dropped off at about 3pm, he slept over as he was coming with to Sun City and we were leaving early in the morning.

In the end I had to go get kitty litter for Garfield, I have a litter tray for emergencies, like now when the rain just never gives up. She hates it but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Chad and John, got bored and tired of watching Tv and decided to make a fire so they could braai.  Not long after the fire got going they got bored, left it and Mark, decided to restart it and braai some boerewors.

It was the worst boerewors I have ever tasted, more like soya - lesson to self never buy boerewors from Hypermarket with the name "bokkie" on it.

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