Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday ..................Yeah!!!!!!!

It's so good to wake up on Friday morning, knowing that there will be two days of rest and sleeping late.
Fridays are so appreciated now.  After a year of owning the shop and working 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Fridays were terrible, knowing that we had to wake up early on a Saturday and Sunday to go to work and work 15 hours. Oh how awful, really don't know how I managed it for so long. Now there is meaning to Fridays and Its The Weekend again, before when people said Thank God Its Friday all I could say was Grrrrrrrr - whats so good about Friday.
Today was Civvies Day at school and Chad dressed all smartly again.  He is going through a smart stage and spent forever deciding whether he should wear a tie or not.  Fortunately, I managed to get up early and get ready early, because for most of the morning I was putting his tie on and taking it off, whilst he stood in front of the mirror deciding.  In the end he went tieless - I gave up trying to convince him to go smart casual - he much prefered the top button fastened and sleeves buttoned at the wrist then leaving his shirt open with sleaves casually rolled up.

He looked so sweet and hopefully his clothes don't get messed up at school when he forgets the smart boy and becomes my little Chad again. I tried to take a photo of him, but he was not interested at all. Some days he loves his photo taken - others he becomes camera shy.

Another one who is camera shy is little Miss Piggy.  She is just so cute and adorable and whenever she is doing something cute or just sitting with her little tongue sticking out ( the tip of her tongue is always out her mouth) I try and take a picture and the second I do she moves so I only get pictures of her when she is sleeping, which she does a lot of for a little pup.

She has decided that she is now a guard dog, only problem is that it takes her an hour or so to start barking at whoever is at the house. The other day, someone came to fix our DSTV and after running around the house right by them for close on an hour, she suddenly started barking and barking at them.  This morning she played in the garden for an hour where the gardener was working and again suddenly started barking at him and growling, which of course set the others off, but she is so cute, she barks, but runs away almost in reverse, barking her little head off.  Now she is cuddled up in her favourite doggy brother's bed outside my office, where our domestic worker puts their beds on the days that she is here.
Ahh........ and the little tongue is out again. I just cant get a picture of it.

Well now I am going to once and for all sort out my office and hopefully get it done today.
It is an absolute mess after becoming nothing more than a store room over the past year when I worked at the shop and stopped working at home. My filing is all over the place and I just cannot motivate myself to do the filing, because the office is such a depressing mess.

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