Sunday, 18 April 2010

Last Night - Bitter Sweet Memories

After the whole ripped jeans saga and the day spent finally sorting out and cleaning my office from floor to ceiling, although the filing is still piled high.  Never got round to doing that as I only finished at about 17h30, plus I have a few very large forests worth of invoices and papers to sort through, but at least now it is organised chaos, which is what I like and not a wholly jumbled up mess.
So I get a phone call from Mark asking what we were having for supper and which was very obvious I said I have no idea, thoughts of cooking supper were very far away.  My back was aching and all I wanted to do was lie on the massage chair, get all the aches and pains out of my body have a bath and go to bed.

Fat chance of that. Ok don't worry, Mark says - we will have a braai, I am at Pick 'n Pay, do we need anything else.  I was not worried - never am on a Friday, because we always have take out and if I do cook it is a shock.  Other than cold drinks we don't need anything else I say.

He gets home, I am lying on the massage chair and he starts rushing around getting the fire started.  Ok I think to myself, it is not that late just gone six, he must be hungry and I carry on having my massage.

I said Dean and them must come around if they want. AAhhh NO I groan, who is "and them" and why did you invite them, I am tired and dirty and don't feel like it.  Well you can go to bed if you want he says, you don't have to stay up.  Who is them? I ask again. Oh him and Steve, the guy that works for him were at the pub next door, I wasn't with them, is quickly added, and I said if they wanted to come over, we can have a braai. So hat was that.  They arrived whilst I was watching Isidingo and carried on watching, then received an IM from my friend who is busy doing our website for us, so I carried on chatting to her on Yahoo.

So as not to appear rude, instead of the truth of being dirty, tired and sweaty, I went outside to sit with them.  They were already well onto being quite intoxicated.  The conversation lead to Clint. To be honest we all had him in our minds, as these get togethers were a weekly occurrence before he died.  With Dean being at our house and him and Mark drinking.

Dean was saying that for him the saying, only The Good Died Young rang so true when it came to Clinton, because there was nothing more that he could be come.  He was already teaching them, the adults things that they had not learnt, he had already become what they had not become.  That he was just so special and that even when he was alive, Dean admired who he was and what he could do.  He was so organised and just got on with things.  It was so sad and although it is all true, it does not take away the cruelty and unfairness of what life dished out to us.

Chad and John, decided to be waiters for the night and found all the alcohol we had in the house and started pouring shooters.  Wow, I must sound like a terrible mom, but it was all in fun and nothing sordid in it.  The alcohol was probably four or five years old, because whenever we had people over in the past, Mark would buy different types of alcohol which would end up lying around as no one ever drank it.  It was also Chad remembering Clint, because Clint always used to pour their drinks for them, Chad just did it his way.

Dean was his usual chatty funny self and the more he drinks the funnier he gets and the more we laugh and BeChad was just laughing his head off. When they left Mark said, this reminded him so much of when Clint was alive and we would sit around laughing and he would find Dean so funny.

It was really just so Bitter Sweet all these memories.

I jsut hope that seeing that Dean and his girlfriend have split up that this does not become a weekly occurence like it was in the past, because I cant do it anymore and the drinking and driving gets to me far far more, now than before.

Except in those days we would get up early to spend the day at the dam and life was uncomplicated with only happy memories and no pain and grief.
We got to bed so late and then they were up at 6.30 to go cycling. Oh why do they have to find a hobby that entails waking up at the crack of dawn.

I tried to go back to bed but could not so just lay there until eleven, then got up showered and tidied the house and packed the dishwasher.

With our little waiters, they house looked like a tornado had hit and it really looked like we had a full on party, with not a single clean glass to be found in the house.

They have just gotten back from cycling at 3.30. Their ride started out badly as John's bicycle broke so they had to go all the way back to work to get another one after spending over an hour trying to fix it.

Now I think I am going to go do what I do best and go and sleep.

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