Monday, 5 April 2010

Miss Piggy - Our Adorable Lovable Cute Little Bull Dog

On Thursday morning, we woke up to a cold wet miserable bleak rainy morning.  After Mark went to work, I thought I would first update his business face book page, before I showered and dressed.

Sitting at the dining room table, I saw Miss Piggy running up and down to the lounge but took no notice of her.  Eventually went into the lounge and saw 5 or 6 shoes lying in the lounge.

After scolding her, putting the shoes back in our respective cupboards and closing the doors, I went and sat behind the computer and left her playing with one of her toys.

Next thing she goes sprinting down the passage, shoe in mouth, she stops looks at me and runs into the lounge.

I get up 'shout" at her, give her a toy, put the shoe back, close the door and sit down. There she runs up the passage - I peep at her trying to open my cupboard, she gets it open, runs down the passage, stops looks at me and runs to the lounge, Up I get scold, give her a toy, put shoe back, close cupboard door, sit down.
She runs, barks at me, runs to the bedroom and this time tries to open Mark's door, gets it open and runs.

This went on forever, from my cupboard to his cupboard - she is really so cute that she gets away with all her naughty antics. They say bull dogs don't take orders - well she certainly lives up to her breed

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