Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Missing You ................

My Angel, mommy is missing you so much.  The pain is unbearable and if I could have any wish in the world it would be to have you back. There is no question about that.
If I could give up everything just to get you back, because everything has no meaning or worth without you in my life.
It has been three years and the pain is still as raw as the day you died.  In fact worse now, because it is real and there is no turning back the clock and changing anything.

I always believed that I could get you back, that other mother's whose children had died, had not tried hard enough to get their child to come back to life.

I believed I could - how was it possible that I could not.

The raw pain, hurt and grief numbed my brain - how was it possible that I would never see you again.
I still cannot believe it or accept it - my precious darling angel - the hurt will never go away.

and miss you so so dam much

life is so unfair and so cruel.

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