Thursday, 22 April 2010

Rovos Rail Train Crash Update

After bragging about our lovely sunny winters yesterday, the weather suddenly changed without any warning, it clouded over and got quite black, dull and with clouds heavy with unfallen rain.  A bit like a woman with PMS, eyes full of tears, but instead of letting them flow freely, just holding back and turning ugly and nasty.

The train crash could not have happened at a worst time.  It should not have happened at all, but rescue workers were working in freezing cold and wet weather, because the rains finally fell last night.  The news reports say it will take 3 days to clear the crash site and they were battling to free the trapped victims, 3 people have died, including an unborn baby.  This is so tragic and sad.  The reports about the unborn baby have been a bit unclear, some say the mom was only 3 months pregnant, some say she just gave birth and some say she was about to give birth.  Either way it is all so tragic.  The owner of Rovos Rail, thanked the emergency services for their prompt and speedy response and the way they have handled everything.

He could not say what caused the train to start moving and they will only know once the investigation is complete and hopes it was not due to negligence.  I hope so to.

Apparently most of the Guests were American, with a couple of German, French and South African guests.

What is happening?  What with the hyped up political crap in our country; volcanic asshes causing air traffic to come to a halt and now the Rovos Rail crash?  Not looking good for tourists coming to South Africa for the world cup.  Such a shame. One can only but wonder "What Next...........?"

We have always wanted to go o the Rovos Rail Train and hopefully one day we well go on it.  I have always thought of travelling by train, as one of the safest and relaxing ways to travel.  We have been on the Premier Classe Train, twice. Both times were really awesome and affordable enough for the average family.  The service and food is out of this world.  Both times that we travelled on it, the train was full of foreign tourists and they all raved about how fantastic it was.  The food is definately 5 star and the staff go out of their way to ensure that your stay on the train is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Picture of Chad at the dinner table on the Premier Classe Train on the 1 Jan 2009.  Will post more info and pics under past events as soon as I have a chance.  Unfortunately most of our pictures of the train were not downloaded off our camera (tsk tsk ) and are now gone with the robbers who broke into our house and stole not only our material things but our memories that cannot be shown to others.

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