Monday, 5 April 2010

Sunday Morning 4 April 2010

How did you guess ................ another overcast miserable morning.

I was woken up at 06h30, Mark had obviously let the dogs out earlier, so I was woken up to Miss Piggy, in our cupboards again, so it was either a free for all chewing up session or me getting up.

So it was early morning coffee, a smoke and playing with Miss P.

What a lazy day today as been. already 16h22, and I am still in my PJ's.

After reading on the news that AWB Eugene Terreblanche was murdered and all the excitement over what that could do to the country,  Mark wanted to go to the Rand Show, but by the time he decided to go it was already 11h00 and I wanted to go to the BMS (Body Mind & Soul) Fayre, and the show I wanted to see started at 11h00 so it was pointless.

Him and Chad then took Miss Piggy and Spike for a walk and went to visit his grandparents and I sat getting my blog up to date and up loading photos from yesterday.

The time just ran away from me and now it is almost time to bath and go to bed again.

Maybe we can go to the Rand Show tomorrow - I also could not have the heart to leave Miss Piggy locked up again today, but am sure after her walk she wished we had rather left her in bed in her bedroom (bathroom).

Bull Dog Picture not Miss P, but found on line - so cute, just like her.

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