Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sunday Movies & Lunch

Chad and I went to see The Blind Side yesterday.  We ended up getting there late, because we had to go to Westgate Shopping Centre.  I always end up going to see a movie when it is already almost off circuit and the only cinema in our area showing it was Westgate.

We left home a bit late and because I don't know the centre that well, we battled to find Ster Kinekor.  Their sign posting is terrible at Westgate.  The outdoor signs said it was at Entrance Four, but the billboard is outside entrance one.  The security gaurd said it was at entrance one. Luckily, we parked at entrance one and decided to walk to look for it.  We were cutting it very fine and the centre is just so huge, I am sure it is a few kilometers from one point to the other.  Chad was convinced we should have gone to entrance four, after all that is what it said on the sign posts.

As we walked through Entrance One, we had a look at the map and it clearly indicated the cinema's were to the right of where we were, so we traipsed long, me battling to catch up to Chad who did not want to be late. Not a cinema in sight, we went down the esculators then up again. Chad then asked a waiter from Pannarottis and it was in the opposite direction. We had to go left and not right at the centre map.

We missed the first five minutes, but was not too serious.  I was a bit worried that Chad would get bored, the movie being a drama and all, and it was quite long. He enjoyed the movie and never got bored once.

I also enjoyed it, I got quite emotional, especially when they had the car accident, was just too close to home. My reaction when it happened was quite bad and Chad found it strange that I gasped so loudly and covered my eyes.  Just brought back too many memories.

After movies, We met Mark at home and then went to Mike's Kitchen at Northgate for a late lunch (Chad's choice)

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was had by all of us.

I watched " He Is Not That In To You" with Jennifer Anniston on Mnet last night.  I have always wanted to see it and it has such a great cast, but I honestly did not enjoy it. To me it had no storyline and had too many characters, so I stayed up late for nothing.

Chad had a braai at school today, part of the syllabus, to cook meat and then keep it warm without electricity.  He forgot about it and he had to take boerewors and brickets and firelighters and all we had was firelighters, so we had to leave early this morning to stop off at Spar to get the stuff.

He said it was fun and the best boerewors he has ever tasted :).

Till Next Time

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