Monday, 5 April 2010

The Valley Of The Waves - Sun City - Easter Weekend - 3 April 2010

So much for going to bed early last night.  By the time I climbed into bed it was 23h00. Then it was in and out the bed, either the dogs or the boys or noises.

Finally must have fallen asleep after one only to be woken up by the alarm at 04h45, time to get up, so we can leave for Sun City at 06h30.

The boys, who were meant to only get woken at 6, where wide awake and chatting when my alarm went off so who knows how much sleep they actually had. Chad and no sleep means ugliness later on :(

We managed to pull out the gate at exacly 06.30 - wow we did it, but still had to fill up with diesel and get cold drinks for the two thirsty boys.

We arrived at Sun City just before 08h30. Mark was not too impressed that we had to pay 40 bucks each just to go into Sun City, which did not include the Valley of the Waves.  Why he did not know that I have no idea, because previous times it was more, but half was given back as tokens, but it still remained at R40.00.

John, decided he would run up to Sun City from the parking area, not having ever been there before, it was hilarious seeing him racing back when they bus arrived.  He also did not know the busses come every few minutes.

It was another R95.00 for adults and R45.00 for children to get into Valley Of The Waves.  Very expensive, but I supose if it was cheap, there would be all sorts of riff raff there.

The weather was still very bleak, we had driven through bright sunshine, mist then sunshine then very very heavy mist then sunshine, but the closer we got to Sun City the heavier and darker the clouds looked.

Well for once luck and positive energy was on our side and the rain stayed away and it turned out to be a rather hot day.

Mark and I never swam, I enjoyed the relaxing day under a thatch umbrella reading my magazine.  The boys spent the whole day swimming and going on water slides.  They had loads of fun.

Other than everything being so expensive, which is really so unnecessary, plus you cant bring your own food and drinks in, yet people do, we had a really good time.

They now have water balls there, which you have to pay for.  At R30.00 for five minutes was a real ripp off.  The boys enjoyed them but at that price could only go once.  They had them in Cape Town for R20.00 for 15 minutes.  The first time Chad went in them in Cape Town he stayed in for more than 20 minutes.  He was having such fun I think they just let him stay as advertising to get more people.
At Valley of the Waves, I dont think it was even a full 5 minutes and they had to get out, then all the balls floated around with no one in them for about half an hour. Instead of them allowing people in them for longer they rather let them float around empty.

We left at about 15h45, after the boys conveniently disappeared at the end, because they wanted to stay longer, but it was a long drive home and Miss Piggy was left in the bathroom all day, in case she fell in the pool.

Sounds quite cruel, but she is very good and sleeps for most of the day anyway. when we got home she was very excited to see us and did not even make much of a mess. only problem is she refused to go to sleep when we went to bed (she sleeps in the bathroom every night without any complaints) so Chad, played with her some more and eventually, she just went off to bed.

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