Thursday, 13 May 2010

After The Birthday

Well my babes, enjoyed his birthday, was nothing like last year.  In the morning he had a bit of a wobbly.  He went to bed after 11.  Kept making excuses about not being able to sleep.  He gets so excited when it is his birthday.  He always has, but then on his birthday he is tired and miserable.

Well he woke up at 5, perhaps even before 5, which is two hours earlier than he normally does, so by the time 7 came around and getting ready for school, he was tired and irritated and after a wobbly and a bit of ungratefulness and cheek towards me, I reminded him that he is now a teenager and not a little boy anymore and he knows or should know right from wrong by now and if he ruins his birthday by behaving badly, I will not tolerate it and feel bad or guilty and he has himself to blame.
He apologised and we had a lovely day. There were moments in the afternoon when his face clouded over and you could see the sadness, which he tried to hide, but as his mom, I could see he was really missing his brother and was very sad.  I just left it as he knows if he wants to talk, I am there for him.

He loved his presents.  A scale electric set with extra cars and a DVD writer for his little Acer Net Book.  His grandparents, my parents came around in the evening and gave him a lovely book called Southern Africa Spectacular World of Wild Life. He is going with them to the Kruger National Park on Sunday for a few days so he can take the book with and read about all the animals he sees.  Hopefully they will see a lot of animals.
They are staying at Pretoriuskop and are caravaning. He is looking forward to it, as he has never stayed at the Kruger Park, but has bee there just for day visits when we have stayed in Sabie and White River.  I am going to really miss him.  The only problem is that we are taking him out of school and exams start next week on Friday, such a stupid day to start exams.

Today is a school holiday -   Ascension Day - he goes to a private Christian school so the principal closed school today.  He has a friend over and they are playing with his scale electric and he is meant to be going over his Afrikaans to see if there is stuff he does not understand.  We will have to do it this afternoon

All photos have been taken from the Pretoriuskop Official Web Site. A visit to South Africa is not complete without a visit to the Kruger National Park

Off to the shops now to buy the boys lunch, then need to get some work done.

Bye For Today

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