Monday, 3 May 2010

Fast and The Furious 4

Last night Fast & Furious was on MNet. I wasn't going to watch it because I don't enjoy fast car action movies, then I saw Vin Diesel & Paul Walker were in it and decided to watch it.  I just love Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and watch all movies they are in, even though they are fast paced, far fetched action movies.
Vin Diesel is just so hot he makes any movie worthwhile watching. He is Vin Diesel to me in all his movies and I never even notice the name of the character he is playing.  Although saying that the name Dom suits him - its a hot sexy strong name.  The name Dominic is not a strong man name, but Dom is a totally other story.

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I watched the movie with a very heavy heart, because Clint loved fast car action movies and watched Fast & Furious  a thousand times.  It has an age restriction of 16, but I allowed him to watch it when it came out on DVD when he was 14, because he never saw the violence etc, it was just all about the cars and the nos and the everything else to do with fast cars.
Near the end I started to cry, when Brian, played by Paul Walker crashed his car and Vin Diesel got to him and he said to Vin that he would have beat him in the race if Vin had not cheated and just wanted Vin to confirm it. I thought he was about to die, which obviously that is what we were meant to think. I just started to sob, because of Clint and the look on Brian's face.  His smile reminded me so much of Clinty, there was a certain smile he had, a mischievous smile that was exactly the same as Paul Walkers.  Not all his smiles, he had different smiles, his facial expressions, eyes and smiles said a million words.

Mark & Chad could not understand how I could be crying after an action movie, they just don't understand that everything in life is a reminder of what I no longer have.
In my opinion with all the action and violence, it is actually sad as well.  After all Vin still carries a torch for the love of his life Letty and is after Letty's murderer and his grief is so apparent throughout the movies.

This morning I woke up tired and with a heavy heart, after making Chad's school lunch, having my morning coffee and starting a load of laundry, I climbed in the shower and when I finished, I heard sounds of rain. It is dark in the mornings when I wake up at 5.30 so I did not think anything of the dark skies. Well today the skies feel like I do. Dark depressed and full of overflowing tears.

This rain is really getting to me.  I am sure it is not supposed to rain so much in April and we are already in May.  We normally have dry Autumns and Winters, but our climate is really changing.

That's all for today. We have a power failure, just happened which could go on for hours and I don't have solar in my office so need to save my battery for work later on. Right now I am going to continue with my filing.

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  1. Thanks for the congratulations you posted on my blog - greatly appreciated. Sorry to hear it's such a sad rainy day for you. It's pouring here in Canada too today, but the sun just peeked out, so I'm going to try catch it for a bit.


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