Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Its My Baby's Birthday Tomorrow

I cannot believe it my baby will be thirteen tomorrow.  Seems like just yesterday that he was born and life was so simple and full of joy. Now his birthday is bitter sweet and filled with sadness, because his brother is not here to spend it with him.
He always gets so excited leading up to his birthday, then on the day he gets so angry with everyone.  I am sure he feels very guilty about celebrating and being happy and excited and of course the sadness is always there.

My Birthday!

As hard as I try to make it happy and special, his own feelings just take over on the day and it turns out to be miserable.  I am just hoping tomorrow will be different, because last year was just so terrible.
He was rude to everyone who said happy birthday, he fought and shouted at all of us and in the end he really tried my patience and I had to discipline him and correct his bad ways and put the heartache aside.
Strangely, it is only his actual birthday that he is angry, but not on the day he has his party.
This year he is having his party at Randburg Raceway - indoor go-carting and he is really looking forward to it.
Well now I am off to go buy cake and sweets for school and to get a card and wrapping paper.  His dad has bought his birthday present already.  
Till another day

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