Monday, 17 May 2010

Missing My Little Chaddy

The house is so quiet without my little boy.  I really miss him and the dogs are sniffing around and looking around for him.
We tried to talk on Skype last night, but the connection was so bad, there were delays and bad sound so we just IM'ed on google talk.
We also spoke on the phone, but skype is better so we can see him and he wanted to see Spike and Miss Piggy.  They got all excited when they heard his voice, but very confused, because they could not find him and they ended up licking and sniffing the laptop.
Apparently he was crying quietly in the car. He did not want to stay after his dad dropped him off. It is so sad, because he worries so much about everything.  He is so scared something will happen to us or him.  He was such a confident child with very little fear and now hides his lack of confidence and fears almost everything. It is very sad.  Fortunately, they saw animals almost straight away and he apologised to my parents and said he was just very sad, but feels better and thanked them for inviting him with.
My mother wanted to cry, because the way he said it, it was so touching.
He was fine last night when we spoke to him and was very excited about the animals they saw.  Two huge elephants very close to the car, rhino, hippo, zebra; lots of buck and baboons.
The went to Skukuza and had lunch there. Skukuza is the capital of Kruger National Park. It is the biggest camp and includes facilities like a shop, an ATM, an Internet Cafe, restaurant, library and more. It has 80 camping sites for caravans and luxury tents, various different type bungalows; a dormitory for school camps and a guest house.

They then drove to Lower Sabie, because you usually see more animals there. Lower Sabie is on the perennial Sabie River, which draws a variety of animals all year round.  I am not sure where they saw the elephant and Rhino but they drove all day and only got back to their camp at 5.30pm. Lower Sabie also has a variety of accommodation - luxurious guest house, bungalows, camp sites; safari tents etc. Is this not just the life - bungalow overlooking the Sabie River.

They got back to their camp Pretoriuskop tired, but happy that they saw more than just buck. The camp is full of baboons, which is a bit of a worry, because they are so dangerous and have become desensitized to humans, so they don't run away. Pretoriuskop is situated in the Pretoriusk0p sourveld, surrounded by hills and valleys covered with dense grass.

When I phoned this morning, they were getting ready to go driving again. Chad had packed a basket with sweets; chips; coldrinks, his camera and binoculars and was ready to go looking for lion.  I so hope they do see Lion, that is such a treat to see lion in the bush.  They are not going to drive too much today, because it is hot and my dad's legs are very sore from all the driving yesterday, so they are going to come back to camp and relax by the pool.  Pretoriuskop has a lovely pool and pic-nick area. As seen in the picture.

Bye for today

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