Monday, 17 May 2010

The Party

Chad had his birthday party yesterday and had a really great time.  As usual I never took many photos.  I took a couple in the beginning, then got chatting and forgot to take more photos.
In the end there were a lot more people as his one friend's brother asked if he could also race and his mom would pay, we said it was fine and we paid for him as well.  Mark and his friend also raced, one child did not RSVP or pitch, so there was a space open and they just paid for two more, so there were two teams of 5 each. His mom and sister also stayed to watch the races and stayed till the end
The all had great fun, especially Chad and now he wants to become a race car driver, heard that one before - the last time when he raced there years ago.
One of the other boys' from school, also had two brothers that wanted to race and their mom also stayed.  Their hints to also race fell in deaf ears.  Maybe, I was being nasty, but I just don't believe that siblings have to join in or tag along at parties, if they are not invited.  I would never do that to someone.  I did not mind the other boy, because I know the family and they phoned and asked if it would be OK if he just raced, but did not join the party, as he has never raced in door go-carts before. I really did not mind them joining.
The other mom did not even ask, her boys just kept saying they will race in place of one boy who was 2 minutes late, then again when we spoke about the one that did not reply and again when the one girl felt a bit nervous.
The other boy arrived during the driver's brief so he was not even late and I thought it was a bit much just saying they will ride and not waiting to be asked. That's why I just ignored their hints.
Besides we only booked for 8 cars and already Mark and his friend were filling in, in case two kids did not pitch and in the end we paid for two extra cars.
At R120.00 each for ten minutes, its a lot of money and we had booked for two ten minute races, so without the food, sweets and coldrinks just the go carts were two and half thousand rand, which is a lot of money to spend, so I definitely was not going to be generous to kids that were not invited and who I had met for the first time that day.  Some people just don't think and I think it is quite rude.

Well Chad had such fun and really enjoyed himself.  Two of his friends came home with us and they played scale electric then went home at around 5 then we packed because he was leaving for the Kruger Park this morning.

His dad had to take him this morning as my parents left yesterday.  He was not impressed, but he has done it for his sister's kids, taking them all the way to Pietersburg, so I felt he could do it for his own child, because we could not change his party and my parents had to leave yesterday as they had booked from yesterday.

Mark got back about 20 minutes ago.  I never went with, I stayed home in case it took longer and we were worried about Miss Piggy being at home and falling in the pool and she could not be locked in the house the whole day. They left at 5 this morning and he got back just after 3.30 this afternoon so it was not that bad.  He probably raced, so it would have taken longer if i went with, because I do not tolerate speeding.
Chad skyped me just now, but the connection was bad so we did not talk for long. They are not back at the camp yet and he left his phone in the car, so we have to phone him on my parents' phones if we want to chat.  He is such a scatter brain and he wanted to take photos to send to us.
He has our camera, but does not have the connection to download onto his lap top. He cant be too pleased about that.
I will just have to stay connected all the time so that he can contact me.
well that's all for today.
From a very sleepy & tired blogger.

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