Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday Reflections

Yesterday Mark and I had a huge fight over nothing actually. No it was more than over nothing.  He is so impatient with Chad and stresses him out so much and as much as I know we have to show a united front when it comes to discipline, there are times like yesterday when it is not discipline it is just dam uncalled for impatience.

So I spent most of the day, well into the late evening in my office working on my blog. Chad went to a party today.  It was in Fourways at the mini golf centre and then to Spur. Mark took him and fetched him.  We are sort of talking today. I spent most of the day watching TV and cleaning dog beds and kennels and spraying them with Frontline for fleas. With all this rain, I am sure fleas will start breeding all over.

I have recently started watching Animal Cops on DSTV and just cannot believe how cruel people can be.  Especially on Houston Animal cops.  It seems that injuries due to embedded collars happens a lot over there. How people can be so cruel just amazes me and every time I don't feel like disinfecting the kennels and washing the dog beds on a weekend, I think of those poor animals and get motivated to do my chores.

I don't like creepy crawlies and fleas, so it amazes and angers me that people leave there animals to get inflicted with so many parasites.  Our dogs used to sleep on our beds, in fact under the covers, but about two months ago, I just had enough of them on the beds. With having the shop and working such long hours, there was no time to bath them every week and I just found it unhygienic to have them on our beds.  So now it is an on going battle to keep them off the beds.

They still sleep inside, but on their Designer Doggy Beds, covered with baby blankets.  I am sure the neighbours think we have a baby as twice a week we have loads of baby blankies on the wash line.  Not that they can see into our garden, but if they could they would think that.

This also brings up a point of South Africans living behind high walls and not being free like citizens in other countries.  Well if high walls means our animals can roam freely in our gardens and not being chained up then high walls are great. We don't have to worry about our pets roaming the streets and chaining them in. - I am sure that is why there are so many embedded collar injuries on Animal Cops. No that is no excuse - why have a dog if you are going to chain him and they can't run free and then to use a short chain.

We do not have anything like animal cops, just the SPCA and a few other animal welfare NGO's that concentrate on the squatter camps and townships and I could not even imagine what cruelty goes on in the townships.  With the violent crime and horrendous brutal attacks on humans, I am sure there is so much cruelty here. It is just so wonderful to see how passionate the investigators and medical staff are who save the animals on animal cops.  Here the doctors don't even care about saving a child's life and I get so upset when I watch these programs.  It is just such a huge reminder of how my child was left to bleed to death in a private hospital with medical staff that just did not give a dam, yet these animal doctors and staff try everything in their power to save stray animals.  One day I will blog about the accident, its just something I can't talk about anymore.

If other countries with animal cops still have such severe cases of cruelty, in a country where there is no such thing as animal cops there must be horrendous cases.
The human species are just the worst of all and I hate being part of a species that is so cruel and evil.

Well sorry to end on a negative note, not good to reflect on a Sunday evening. To brighten up my post, I will add some pics of my beautiful furry babies.

Garfield - No she is not forced to sleep outside in a tiny bowl - she just likes crazy places to sleep in.

Rambo - our Gentle Giant who sadly died in 2008 after a short illness he just could no fight - his heart was too broken after his human brother died
His mom Sheba Still Going Strong

(The babies in the family - Spike the very naughty Bull Terrier & Miss Piggy The adorable Bull Dog)

(Jingles the Jack Russel and Pluto my special Dachshund)

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