Friday, 30 July 2010

The Injustices Of Life

I have not blogged for some time now. I just don't have the time and to be honest haven't felt like it so therefore have not found the time to blog, BUT...........

Yesterday, I received very devastating news. For those of you who know about the complaint I had against the "doctor" who simply refused to treat my darling Angel on the night of his accident, simply because it was nearing the end of her shift and had enough of work for the day.

Well this case has been going on for 3 and a half years, mostly silence and in fact the only news I get is an outdated letter saying it has been postponed. Well I heard nothing for a year, then two weeks ago I had a letter from the HPCSA, stating once again that it was deferred due to time constraints, then yesterday I received another letter stating that on the 30 June 2010, that the HPCSA committee had found no breach in the murdering bitch's care, due to the magnitude of the injuries.

So a doctor can just refuse to treat a patient because she has had enough work for the day. She did not even know that how badly he was injured, because she did not go anywhere near him. She spent the last who knows how long of her shift on personal calls, whilst leaving critical patients to suffer in agony, this after being called in about another complaint where she did not attend to a child just because, she did not feel like it.

No the outcome would not have brought my Angel back, but she can get away with murder. Pre-meditated murder, because that is what it is. Refusing to treat a patient, because you worked hard that day and had enough.

No one has to wonder why the medical care in this country is the way it is, both Private and Provincial, because the body HPCSA is there for their members and their member's interests only and not the public who go to them for help. After all they get their fat salaries from their members' membership fees so why should they care about the patients lives that are lost because of their disgusting member's conduct.

I am so angry and want to write and tell them exactly what I think of them and their murdering so called doctor who is allowed to cause more deaths, but I will probably end up having a legal battle against me.

She is allowed to celebrate her "innocence" when they all know she is has guilty as hell, all because a bunch of so called Professors with no consciences want to fill their pockets with money.

There is no justice in this world and no one must tell me there is a god, because if there was one my son would be alive and those that caused his death would not be getting off Scott free with murder. All these people with their little stories about their god and prayers must keep their beliefs to themselves, because if they want to waste their time worshipping some god then they can do that and not push their beliefs onto me. I will respect those who respect mine.

From a very angry and upset me

Friday, 16 July 2010

Kruger Park Slide Show - Photographer Chad


I have not blogged for sometime and it has taken me absolutely ages to download Chad's photo's of his trip to the Kruger Park and he deleted the ones of himself.  I don't know if I am angry at him or more angry at myself for once again not downloading them straight away.

I have still not learnt, from all I have been through, not to put off what you can do today until tomorrow.

To be honest, I have lost interest in blogging.  It is one of my negative traits, to lose interest in anything and everything in a very short time.
I start off eagerly and then just give up.  I now know who Chad takes after, because he does the same.  I did not realise it before, but now I know I do it as well.  It has just gotten worse these past few years, which is why I only realised it now.
A few weeks ago, I was determined to train our Bull Terrier, who was driving me insane.  I bought a book on training dogs, after being told by a so called Bull Terrier Specialist trainer, that my dog cannot be trained as Bull Terriers cannot live with other dogs.  The problem was that he started attacking the other dogs and it was getting too much and this person advertised that she has a 100% success rate in socialising bull terriers, but was not interested in training ours that is two years old and basically said we must either get rid of him or the other dogs.  This is not an option as I told her.  If a parent has a delinquent child, they do not simply get rid of the child and the problem.

I have never liked Bull Terriers and did not want one, but Mark won and we got this little brat.  I have had a long struggle bonding with him, but cannot get rid of him.  The turning point for me in judging him, was one day realising that although people say bull terriers do not like cats and always attack them and or kill them, our bull terrier is good with our cat, who actually does not like any of our dogs and usually attacks them when they are in the house, the house is her territory and outside is theirs so she avoids them outside.  They all live in harmony, but she does have her moments and attacks them when they get in her way in the house, yet the only dog she rubs up against whilst purring is the bull terrier and he allows her to do this - so he is not as bad as I sometimes think he is.

After he had a fight with our baby bull dog, I took him to be neutered, something Mark was against, why I can't tell you, but the last straw was fighting with her.  He seems to have calmed down a bit, although it does take a few months for the hormones to disappear altogether, so we just have to wait and see.

As for the training, I have lost interest, mainly do to it being so cold and all I have accomplished is getting him to learn to sit, the rest has sorely tested my patience, especially walking on the lead.  He loves walking, but gets so excited and macho, that I am trying to get him to walk calmly, without pulling and going completely aggro. That I think will take forever.

Well to get back to doing some work in this terribly cold weather.

Till Next Time

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