Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Conman

Well today, I will be off to the police station to lay a charge of theft against the guy who conned me into a business deal and stole almost R7000.00 from me. He could not meet me at his shop yesterday, because he had a "medical" problem, which we all know is a lie, BUT to not be unreasonable I agreed to meet him today as per his request at 12 at Standard Bank, even though I have been warned by a few people who know him well that he will make appointments and then cancel them because of some excuse.

What do you know, he sent me a text message to say he will meet me at our business premises, because I said 10 and he said 12, which I did not, so now he has already wanted to extend the time by two hours.  I am meeting him at 12 at the Standard Bank as per his request to accommodate his so called medical problem.

If he is not there I am going to the police to lay a charge of theft, because it is theft and not only am I laying a charge of theft, but I am also letting the letting agency where he has his little shop in Fourways, know that he is using that shop as a cover to scam people out of money and I will be sending a debt collector to his house in Sharonlea to get my money.

I know he wont be there, because I have been told by other people who he has scammed that he will not meet me and he has not replied since I told him that he can either put my money in my account or meet me at Standard Bank.  I will also be putting his name and the sweet shop's name on every forum I can find on the Internet, so who ever reads his adverts looking for Sales Agents will know that he is going to scam them out of their money.

I have all my text messages and emails printed to give to the police as well as all the images and tag line that he has copied from another Sweet Company that he used to Consult for. He has the cheek to say he never lied to me, but stealing another company's tag line and images is a lie and he lied by saying that he is in partnership with the novelty sweet shop in Gold Reef City and the Rand Show and that is where he slipped up, because the owner of that company wants nothing to do with him, because of theft.  Then he had the cheek to tell that man that he never told me he was in partnership with them, which they know he is lying, because where on earth would I have gotten hold of them, if he did not tell me.  That was the proof for me that he was a con artist and it took one phone call to confirm that he was conning me.

So if by any miracle I do get my money back I will just put it down to a bad experience. If I don't then I will be spending all my time making sure he does not con another person and it will be a long drawn out legal battle and even if it costs me 10 times or a hundred times more than he owes me then so be it.  I will waste the money.  It is the principal of him thinking he can carry on ripping people off and stealing money.

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