Saturday, 14 August 2010

So Tired Of Unscrupulous People

Well it is sometime that I have blogged.  Just have not been in the mood for it, but today, I really don't feel like working on a Friday afternoon.

I am so down, because it seems as though I have been screwed over by another unscrupulous person in a business deal and have lost money, that I just cannot afford to lose.  Who can anyway?

I do not know how these people can live with themselves, knowing that they are doing some innocent person in.

I have been trying to lose weight, because my weight has just gotten out of control and have been doing OK, but today I just want to give up and eat and eat and eat. Turning to food for comfort is what I do best.

I just hope that this business deal does not turn sour, because I am so tired of people screwing us over.  The worst is that I had a bad feeling about it, but still went ahead, instead of going with my gut.

For the last three and a half years life as just been one long nightmare that will never end, but other people just add to it, which considering what my life has become and what I have gone through, just does not compare with the other nonsense we have had to deal with.

I think I am going to go off and buy myself a huge chocolate, forget the diet and rather feed my emotional upheaval with good yummy chocolate..........................

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