Tuesday, 6 September 2011

BNI Breakfast Meeting

We were invited to a BNI Breakfast meeting last week, but received the invitation too late to attend, so we went this morning.  BNI stands for Business Network International.  The concept is that a single person from each business or profession is invited to join the network at a fee and then everyone in the network then sends you referals for your business.

At first Mark said that he wanted to attend, then at the last minute said it was inconvenient, being at 7am on a Tuesday morning in Randburg, but because I had RSVP'ed we went.

It was quite a hassle, with both of us going, getting Chad to school and asking our maid to come in very early and then the traffic to Randburg.  The idea was to drop Chad off at school at 6.30 am, shame it is going to be such a long tiring day for him, getting to school so early, classes finishing at 13h45 then extra maths until 3 and tonight rugby practice from 17h30 to 19h00 and he went to bed very late last night.

Needless to say we were all very crabby and irritable this morning, having all woken up earlier than usual.  We then had to fill up with petrol, because my car was completely empty and we went in it, so we only left the petrol station at 6h35 and the traffic to school was hectic even for that time of the morning so Chad was only dropped off at 6h45 and then it was  a stressful panic to get to the breakfast on time.

The invitation stated 7am sharp, well we arrived at about 7h03 and the resturaunt where the breakfast was being held, was not even open and everyone was waiting outside for the manager to arrive and open. the presenter was also late and I was quite irritated and when the meeting started I was even more irritated and was thinking it not at all what I thought it was about.

I was shocked to find out at the end that Mark was very impressed with the whole idea and the whole way through the presentation I was waiting for the end when he would bitch and moan about the waste of time. Well he is always full of suprises and half the time when I think I know him so well he proves my theory wrong.

He left feeling very positive about it and will be joining and has already spoken to other people in other professions and industries about going to next week's meeting. there were only about 15 people at this week's meeting as it is a new chapter of BNI starting up in Randburg and three or four people have already shown interest in bring their vehicles to Mark and a possible lead for Beach Buggy Hire in Ballito, which would be great. Each person has to do a 60 second presentation on who they are what business they in and what type of customers they are looking for, so he was able to mention that he is growing his business and opening up in Ballito as well as the Scooter & Beach Buggy rentals.

So the stressful, bitching and moaning early morning trip was worth it and he was very positive after leaving, because business has been very quiet lately and the Scooters & Beach Buggies are not taking off as fast as he thought they would, so lets hope the membership fee will be worth it.

Now I need to tackle my filing.

Quote For The Day

"I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~Author Unknown"

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