Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday Angel

Happy 22nd Birthday Angel

It’s been four and a half years,
Five Birthdays, all spent in tears.
The Sun no longer shines as bright
Emotions as black as the night.
The Universe holding a gun to my head
Forcing life to carry on
Even though you are dead.
Am I supposed to accept that you are gone.

Living and breathing is not by choice
If only I can hear your voice.
To see your tender smile
My emotions volatile
Looking up at the clear blue skies
Expecting to see your deep soulful eyes.
Kind loving beautiful and most of all special
Passionate caring and far from superficial.

I am neither poet nor writer
The words never making my heart lighter.
BUT I need to find a way
To make it through this day.
The day you turn twenty two
How do I survive it without you.
Taken so tragically at the age of seventeen
Yet you were never ugly or mean

The reason & tragedy no one can ever explain
Everyday Life just full of pain.
On this special day
We will try and keep the tears at bay
And try and remember
That we spent 17 happy years with our Angel
On this 21st day of September
Candles burning, flowers a plenty
But it doesn’t make up for our lives that are now empty.

Happy Birthday My Special Boy
Thank you for always being such a joy
We will always love & cherish all our wonderful memories of YOU

I Love You & Miss You So Much

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