Sunday, 11 September 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk

No not really, but I tried to take photos of the Jasmine, climbing the Thorn Tree. My photos didn't come out that clearly, but it looks like it is climbing up into the sky to another universe, a universe where Clint is. I wish I could record the smell of the Jasmine, it is the most beautiful scent ever and so strong.  I love it.

And I found another tree where another Jasmine is creeping up it. That one I will probably trim, because that tree has it's own flowers and the Jasmine might stop them from blooming.

As I sit here in the dining room, I can smell the Jasmine and hear the birds singing and calling, now that is something else that I wish I could add here, the sound of all the different birds.  We have so many different species.  We hear more birds here than we have ever heard out in the wild or bush.

Our little Weaver bird is back and he has been building his wife a nest for weeks now, in the thorn tree.  She appears to be rather fussy, because he has built a few of them and was still busy today.  I tried to get a picture of him, but he saw me and flew away, so I only managed to get the nests.

I tried to get a photo of our Koi, who are getting so nice and big, they were tiny when we bought them.  We had twenty, but only nine survived. I don't know what happened to them, because we only found one dead one.  It was lying outside the pond. A bird might have tried to catch it or it jumped out or washed out when the pond flooded after a huge rain storm. They are such frisky fast little devils that all I managed was this.

I am hoping our little Yellow Crested Barbette will come back this year.  Every night around 6, he would fly into the tree by the front door and Garfield, our cat would be lying outside the front door and he would screech at her. She never worried about him screeching his lungs out. She doesn't catch birds, she sees them as part of her territory and shares her space with them, but the poor little Barbette did not know that and every night he would be there screaming at her.

That is until it was Guy Fawkes and Diwali when all these idiots let off fire works and frightened him off.  We haven't seen him since.  Don't get me wrong I respect the Indian celebrations and traditions, not Guy Fawkes, that has no meaning in South Africa, so it is an empty meaningless celebration, so there is no need for respect there, but when it comes to Diwali, I do respect their beliefs and traditions, but I do not understand how "The Festival Of Lights" becomes a festival of loud bombs that frighten and kill birds, animals and fish.

I am hoping he flew off to a quieter place and that some inconsiderate person's celebrations did not cause him to have a heart attack and die.  I can also safely say it was an inconsiderate fool, because no one around here is Indian, so I am not insulting someone, because of their Religious belief, but I am insulting someone taking advantage of a Religious Belief that has nothing to do with them or anything they believe in.

And that is all for today, on all things beautiful and amateur photography

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