Sunday, 11 September 2011


So Chad decides he wants to play rugby and joins Diggers Rugby Club in Randburg against my wishes and without my blessing or support. I made it very clear from the outset that I will have nothing to do with it. I won't take him to practice, watch any games or even talk about it. It is a dangerous barbaric stupid game and I am not supporting and encouraging another dangerous activity. That is Mark's job to take him to rugby practice and watch him at games.  Mark also did not like the idea of him playing rugby, because it is dangerous, but he has taken him to every game and match, except for when they went down to the coast and he has been very supportive.
Don't get me wrong, Chad needs to do some form of sport or activity. For the past four & a half years he has not done much other than watch TV and play PlayStation games. He has been in an almost depressive kind of state. I hate that word, because he is not depressed, because he had a bad day or he did not do well at school or had a fight with his friend. He is grieving and has been since his brother died and he is hurting all the time, but also wants to carry on with life and have fun.

So he joined Rugby. Chad is usually very good at starting something, giving it his everything and then giving up and stopping faster than he started. I expected the same to happen with rugby, but he never did, I told him the other day, I think it is because I am so against it that he is going all out to enjoy it and not giving up ;). The more I tell him how stupid the game is the more he tries to get me sold on the game and him playing.  Shame I am sure he really wanted me to come and watch him play, but if I did, then that would be me being OK with it.

It is honestly such a barbaric vulgar came.  I am not into sport and I don't watch sport.  I will watch any other game though, but never rugby.  I don't see the point of the game or the sense of it either.  A bunch of guys with their a#%*s in the air then hugging a ball, not very good for the eyes, I must say.

Fortunately last night was the last game of the season. What a short season 8 weeks and over until next year. They lost their match again and I can't say the season was without incidence completely. A child hurt his neck last Saturday and was taken to hospital and no one has said anything about him since.  That was enough to convince me yet again that it is a rough vulgar game that Chad should not be playing.

I am hoping by the next season he will have found something else to do.

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