Monday, 5 September 2011

Sunny Sunday

What a lovely warm day. It certainly feels like Spring, lets just hope it stays like this and that the cold front stays far far away.

I must say the warm weather was wasted on me. I have spent the whole day indoors trying to fix my laptop, which seems to have a virus. Since yesterday morning, I have battled to get it started, then after hours of running automatically repair it finally allows me to restore to an earlier point, get back in and works till I shut down again.

I downloaded AVG Tuneup and tried fixing whatever file is corrupt, but to files won't budge, so I have given up to work on my blog. All that time trying to repair my laptop, could have been spent on my blog. Oh well we will see what happens when I log out just now. If it still won't start up after what I ran today then it will have to go in for expert repairs.

It's almost time for Idols, I am really into Idols this season, I don't know why, because normally I only watch from about Top5 or not at all, but this season have watched from the start and have even been to one of the live recordings, the Top 10.

Well that is all for today, till next time or until my laptop is working :D

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