Sunday, 11 September 2011

Technology; Computers; Frustrations and Swearwords

I know I said I was going to update Clinton's Page today, but the little bit that I did do, was so traumatic for me that I decided to have a break. I had a shower, dressed and by then it was already 13h30.  Mark went to work this morning and came home when I was getting dressed.  He asked what I wanted to do today, which I knew meant "Chad and I want to do something you won't enjoy." I know him so well, then Chad came and asked the same question and I guessed they wanted to go ride the side by side.  It does have a proper name, but right now I can't think of it, possibly "Bronco".  I have pictures of it, bad pictures taken with my old blackberry, that was a favourite of Miss Piggy's obsession of chewing all things black. Well she chewed everything, but black objects were her favourite, especially my blackberry, but that is a story for another day. The photos I took with my blackberry are so bad, but photos are memories whether taken professionally, amateurishly or by a mutilated blackberry, so they will never be deleted and will be for show as well.

...... and off to Daytona, they went.  These pictures are of the last time we went to Daytona, when I went with them.

My plan was to carry on updating Clint's Page. I needed cigarettes and Mark went to buy them for me, before they left.  I also hinted that a chocolate would be nice, to which he promptly retorted that I am not allowed chocolate and I have ordered him not to ever buy me any when I ask for them, so I just smirked, because I know he is not cruel or nasty and he never listens anyway. Off they went and left me with this.

AND This

AND This

and he nearly forgot these and had to go back for them

What would I do without him, because my wonderful laptop has been driving me insane and since Friday I have been getting this message when I try and log in

It took two hours to get in again today. It appears that the universe is telling me not to update my blog, because every Saturday I have a problem logging in.  I think it is time to either send it in to be repaired or buy a new one, but that is a whole new problem of technology driving me insane.  Whilst trying to fix all the errors and getting it started I tried to blog about Chad's Rugby on my blackberry.  As much as I love my new Blackberry Torch, it comes with it's own set of frustrations and blogging on it is one of them, which lead me to do a lot of this

and drank a lot too

a lot of water nothing else, about the only healthy thing I do, everyday all day.

To stop myself from pulling out all my hair, screaming and swearing and getting violent with my laptop and blackberry, I went into the garden and took some photos and they will follow in my next post.

So that is me and technology

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