Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Week Past

The past week has been quite awful to say the least.  Firstly my laptop crashed completely.  I could not get in at all on Tuesday and had to take it in for repairs.  I took it to Xtreme IT at Eagle Landing Shopping Centre.  I have used them before and they were good, but there is different staff there now and they are definitely not good at all.  The phone calls I was promised for firstly a quote and then when it would be ready and what was actually wrong with it, never happened.  I had to phone all the time and on Thursday they said they had replaced the hard drive, which cost more than quoted. I went to collect it on Friday afternoon and it was still not ready.  They could not load my email accounts, even after giving them all the passwords and server info etc.  They were also meant to back up everything and reload all my emails, which they have not done. I gave them my Office and Pastel software to load, which I forgot to get back from them.  I need to fetch it on Monday, but there is also a problem with Pastel and I don't think it has been loaded at all. Every time I log in I get error messages and warnings, so it will have to go back on Monday. It is just so dam inconvenient never mind the fact that when you pay for something you expect to have it done properly.  I won't use them again and I will never recommend them to anyone else.

Other than that, I have been feeling very down this week, getting closer and closer to Clint's birthday. On Tuesday night Chad and I were watching Packed To The Rafters, one of the dramas I watch on TV and have gotten to really enjoy.  The only Australian show or movie I have ever watched and enjoyed. Well there are two characters, husband and wife, very young who are trying to have a baby and the husband arranges a romantic night in a hotel as a surprise for her.  They share a house, that belongs to their very overbearing and in my opinion obnoxious friend.  I don't like the actor or character. The husband's brother also lives with them and the friend's new girlfriend has just moved in with them too and the house is getting crowded and so he thinks he will be romantic and spend the night in a hotel with his wife.  His arrangements go all wrong, because she has to work late and they miss each other's calls. Then she ends up getting killed in a collision. It was so sad and they showed "the body" on the mortuary slab, covered, but still.  It was all just too close to home and again even in movies, the really good person gets killed.  I was so upset and it affected Chad to, but he pretended it was just a movie and not real. I know it is just a movie, but it was still so sad, because it is so close to home. Why they had to make her die I don't know.  They could have come up with another storyline, that did not have to be about death.

The reason why I am blogging about it, is because it affected me so much, emotionally, that it has become real to me. There have been such horrific tragedies on the roads this week too.  A woman that was dragged under a minibus taxi for metres.  There have been reports from 200m to 700m so I am not sure which is true, she is alive, but critical.  Apparently the minibus taxi bumped their car and they got out to exchange details and the taxi driver became belligerent and there are now stories that her Fiance started attacking the taxi driver so he fled and did not see her in front of his taxi. You just cannot get into an argument with a minibus taxi driver. Firstly, to get him to pay damages is going to be a huge fight in its self and if you have insurance why bother. Just go straight to the police and report it with his registration number. 99% of minibus taxi drivers are not totally sane as it is. And I say that with as much respect to them as possible, because to drive around like they do ,on these roads, all day everyday and with every other motorist hating you and being aggressive to you just because you are a taxi driver would make anyone become insane.  I am not at all condoning what he did or how the others drive, I am just stating the obvious that most other people don't see. The next horror accident just proves that it is not only the taxi driver's who drive like murderous criminals.

A woman was driving with her 1 year old child on her lap, her 3 year old on the passenger seat unbuckled and the husband in the back of the car, AND she was allegedly breastfeeding the child whilst driving. She lost control and hit a bus. All four in the car were killed and the 3 year old decapitated and mutilated. The reports say the paramedics had to remove the little one year old from her mother's breast. Hence the reports of breast feeding.  The one traffic official was crying when he saw the children. Several passengers in the bus were injured and one woman had both legs amputated.  It makes me so angry and sick to the stomach that someone and a mother on top of that can drive like she is invincible and endanger other motorists.  There is NO excuse for breastfeeding whilst driving and neither is there a reason for it. Before you say I am judgemental and harsh, imagine you are driving along with your family and some woman loses control of the vehicle she is driving whilst breastfeeding her child and wipes out your whole family or worse just your children.  Sorry that is just criminal and murderous. Just like everyone else who drives with the intent to kill someone else, because it is intent, not accidental. Clinton's life ended, because some criminally minded, murderous person thought he was above the law and drove with the express intent to kill an innocent road user, and innocent child. So no, I have no sympathy for anyone who believes they are above the law. Just like I have no sympathy for robbers who rob and hold up people with knives or guns. A vehicle in the hands of someone who thinks they are above the law and who commits crimes on our roads is just as dangerous and powerful as a gun and or knife in the hands of a criminal.

On a more pleasant note, we went to the Idols Show again last night. It was good and we all enjoyed it, except we received a call from our armed Response Company to say our alarm went off just before the show started and our phones had to be switched off. I phoned the response vehicle and the guard said the alarm had not gone off and everything was OK, but it was a worry, because why did the control room call in the first place. We checked on the cameras when we got home and he never even came near our house to check, he just drove round the cul-de-sac. So I need to now complain, because why are we paying for security.

I doubt that next week will be any better than this week, so until then ............

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