Monday, 31 October 2011

And The Geyser Saga Continues............

So the plumbers arrive at around 9 am and the first thing they say is sorry we can't install the geyser, because Kwikot has left a horizontal geyser and it can't be installed vertically like the other one. so it is back to fighting with Standard Bank Insurance and eventually it is decided that they fit the geyser horizontally and Standard Bank Insurance has to fix the wall where the previous geyser was installed. This is how Insurance companies save money by only using contractors on their panel. There is no saving whatsoever. Had they allowed us to use our own plumbers back in 2009, plumbers that relied on quality workmanship and not shoddy workmanship, because they were on a panel that guaranteed them work, then they would have paid once for the repair and if they did not have a policy that geysers must now be fitted outside and not in the roof. These plumbers are still here trying to fit this geyser 5 hours later. Right now it sounds like they are going to fall through the roof any minute now. What they are doing on the roof, only they will know, because the geyser is being fitted to the wall not the roof.

Thanks to them, I have had an unplanned pajama day, the water is still switched off and I have spent the day in my pj's getting my blog updated. Here comes frustration no 2 of the day, I was updating my page on our animals and checked it now and half of what I had typed has disappeared AGAIN. It seems when I move pictures it erases the wording so no doubt all over this blog there is posts that make no sense at all, which I have to now go redo and wonder what I had initially intended to type Aargh!! Frustration 3, Mark's friend has arrived home from his weekend away, I am still in my nightie and have now come to my room to do my blog and for some reason cannot pick up my wireless connection in the bedroom. It goes from no signal to poor all the time. He is in his room, but I really don't want to take the chance that he comes in the house and I am sitting in the dining room in my nightie. I am not getting dressed until I have a shower, even if that is at 10 tonight. For the same reason, I can't go into my office to see whats up with my router and Internet connection.

Frustrations frustrations frustrations!!!!! The story of my life, nothing goes smoothly. We never went out last night, it was raining and we were all lazy. We had a lot of rain last night and this morning it was all sunny and fresh, but now looks overcast. Now watching old episodes of Family Matters on BBC Entertainment. I don't usually enjoy British comedies and movies, I think, because I don't get their sense of humour, but Family Matters is just great. It is so funny, hilarious actually. I just love "The Harper Way" You just cannot stay in a bad mood when watching it. Very good for the endorphins and stress.

Till later ..............................

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