Thursday, 27 October 2011

Another Hot Sleep Deprived Night

I am so exhausted and I wish my animals would give me just one night of uninterrupted sleep. I am still battling to get to sleep before 11pm. I now make a point of getting to bed earlier, but seems 10.30 is the earliest no matter how hard I try, but lat night I managed to be in bed by 9.30pm. I was exhausted and could hardly keep my eyes open, but still I just lay there trying to sleep.

Eventually, I must have just fallen asleep when I heard these three loud cracker like noises, more like mini-bombs going off in quick succession. I don't know if it was fireworks or something more sinister. It is Diwali today, the Hindu celebration of lights or festival of lights, so I don't know if it was someone eager to celebrate Diwali earlier. I still don't get where the festival of lights needs to be celebrated with loud bombs, but never the less it happens and I hate it. There was not a single sound before that and nothing after that, which was weird. Of course the dogs were not happy about the noise.  Jingles hopped into our bed and cowered under the blankets, Miss Piggy left Chad's bed and came to our bed as well and tried to climb up. I was reluctant to lift her up, because her and Jungles hate each other and Jingles is forever growling at her and I was not keen on having a huge dog fight in our bed during the night, but in the end I had to lift her up.

It was not 10 minutes later and Jingles was overheating under the blankets, she was panting so hard she sounded like a steam train gone wrong, fighting to find her way out the blankets, then she was off to the bathroom to drink water and back on the bed, then it was Pluto's turn to cry to get on the bed. we ended up with 3 of them in our bed all lying on top of me and of course I don't sleep soundly, because I am always aware of them lying near the edge and I am scared I kick them off during the night. Piggy lying at the end of my bed by my feet and Pluto lying on the edge on the side of the bed. Jingles is fine, because she lies somewhere in the middle. All we needed was Spike and Garfield to join us. Other than Pluto, who did not seem to feel the heat, the other three were up and down drinking water, panting, flopping on the floor and then getting back onto the bed. The whole night long.

The heat is really getting to them, so it must be really hot, because other than Miss P, they don't normally get so hot. Garfield is even taking strain. Whilst I was locking up the house last night, she wanted to go out, but then just sat on the patio and the more I called her the more she just sat there staring at me and meowing softly, eventually I had to go outside and bring her in, because I really needed to get into bed and fall asleep.  Well that was the plan. Earlier when I was running my bath water she came into the bathroom, which she often does. She usually only drinks water out the basin. I gave her water and next thing she was on the edge of the bath and almost climbing into the water. It looked like she was going to dive in head first but she just wanted to drink water - out the bath of all places, when there are bowls of fresh water everywhere. She is such a crazy cat.

In other crazy news, before I went to bath, I went to let the dogs out and when I got to the front door, it was wide open. When I left the lounge to go and run my bath water, Chad and Mark were in the lounge watching TV, very involved in the junk they were watching. I wondered why they were outside all of a sudden and as I got to the door, I heard this banging sound, and saw these sparks flying at the end of the garden. It was pretty scary. Well it turns out this humongous spider got caught on the electric fence. Its body on the one set of strands and its legs on the other and it was getting electrocuted. The fence was just shooting off sparks and volts and whatever else they do. Mark wanted to save the spider with a piece of wood and logical me told him to just switch off the fence, which I did and then he knocked it off the fence, but it was dead already. Shame poor spider, but I cannot say i am sorry that it died. I have been bitten by a spider and I am sorry to say, but I do not want them in my house or anywhere near me and definitely not one that size.  I don't like electric fences at all, but I guess that is one of the negatives of living in South Africa, safety first and all that. Not that they keep criminal out anyway, if they want to get in they will no matter what security measures you have.

It looks like it might rain today and if it does it is going to be one heck of an electric storm, I think. The garden is really parched so I don't mind if it rains as long as it is more water than lightning and thunder. The gardener had to water the garden yesterday and my save water costs went down the drain. All the plants were wilted, especially the hydrangeas, in fact they looked dead, but are now looking healthy again. Another day of heat and they will be wilting again.

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