Monday, 17 October 2011

Bath Time!!!!!!!!!!

No, I am not blogging about my bath time :). I have been so lazy and have not bathed the dogs for such a long time and they were filthy and they sleep on our beds, they are not supposed to and have their own beds, but end up creeping into the beds at night. Miss Piggy sleeps with Chad every night, unless she wakes up during the night, usually when Spike waddles off to Chad's bed, then she climbs into Pluto's bed, which is next to my bed. Sometimes, she just carries on sleeping when Spike climbs onto Chad's bed. Most nights they play musical beds and then they usually need to go out for water or a piddle. When Jingles hears Piggy or Spike get up then she comes and stands up by my side of the bed and I have to lift the duvet, which means she can jump on the bed, then two minutes later, Pluto whines and I have to lift him up. So we have broken sleep every night and dirty dogs sleeping on the beds. Not Good!!!

I can't bath Spike anymore. I think that is why I have been lazy about bathing them. Besides the fact that it is so time consuming and back breaking bathing four dogs, because it is washing them, brushing their teeth, towel drying them then in winter drying them with a hair dryer so it takes hours, but Spike makes it even more difficult. When Mark is around he just says jump Spike and he hops in the bath, but the minute he leaves then he tries to jump out or if he is not at home, then I battle to get him to stay in the bath. I lift him in, but he tries to jump out. I also rinse them with the hand shower and the taps are so tight in their bathroom, then he attacks the water. He has bitten me twice, by accident, luckily it has just been a case of my fingers getting in the way and being grazed and not a genuine Bull Terrier bite. Even when I run my bath water, I always rinse the bath out first, even though it is clean and if the door is open he flies in there and attacks the water. It can be boiling hot, put he still bites at the water. This morning I decided Mark can bath him and I will do the others. Mark doesn't use the hand shower, he just pours water over him, so maybe that is why he is OK getting bathed by Mark.  I am fine washing him, just the getting in and staying in initially, then the rinsing is a problem.

 Jingles is an extremist. She knows exactly when it is bath time and runs and hides away and you can search this house up side down and spend ten minutes looking for her, she hides so well. She will be hiding in the kennel outside and hear me coming and run off somewhere else without me even seeing her. Once she is found I get bitten all the time. That dog bites me whenever I cover her at night, she bites if I try and pick her up and she bites when it is bath time. Yet, she cuddles by me all the time and runs to me whenever she is scared or frightened or if Spike or Piggy fight with her. She is my shadow, but bites me all the time.  If she ever has to go to a shelter and be assessed she will be put down straight away, OK that was just a random thought that will never happen, but it makes you wonder about the assessments of dogs at shelters. All of our dogs would fail those assessments and would never be homed. They all bite when scared or feel threatened, they all have food aggression at times. BUT, they are all lovable, adorable and loving and protective of us.

Well today Jingles never hid away, it was very strange. Mark bathed Spike first and as soon as he went into the bathroom Jingles ran out the back door. She is amazing, because you can go into that bathroom at any time, any day and she does not hide or run away, but as soon as you mention bathing dogs, she bolts. Well after Spike was bathed, I was still busy getting dressed and then I decided I would first bath Pluto and Piggy, then tackle Jingles, but she came into the bathroom as I went in jumped up against my legs and willingly let me pop her into the bath, maybe she thought she wouldn't get bathed. She is actually the easiest to bath, not only because she is tiny, but once she is in the bath, she just stands still and gets on with washing.  I always bath them with Johnson's baby shampoo, but it was finished and Mark bought this Pulvex Shampoo and can you believe it you can't wash their heads with it. I had no option but to use it as I had no baby shampoo, but had to leave them with dirty faces. Its called 2 in 1 Beauty Treatment and Conditioner, please, how can it be a beauty treatment if you can't wash their faces with it.

I haven't bathed them for so long that they have forgotten what it is like to brush their teeth and none of them would let me brush their teeth, except for Piggy who let me brush them with my finger. I did not think to first do the whole taste, then finger brush to get them used to it, because I thought they would know what it was, but they did not like it. They never really like it, but I usually manage to get a fairly good brushing, unfortunately today, no brushing :(

Well as you can see from the colour of the water, Pluto was filthy. He is so short and fat that his tummy drags through all the dirt. He has picked up this habit of rolling in the sand and comes inside brown with sand and needs a good dusting off. Don't ask me why he does it or why he has started doing it. He is also pretty good in the bath, except when I make him stand on his hind legs, I guess his little legs can't hold all the weight. He needs to go on a diet. I did once give him Eukanuba low calorie food, but not for long, he ended up eating more than normal so what was the point.

And..... Miss Piggy, my little Piggy Pie, it looks like she is having a pee in the bath, but I checked no yellow tint in the water :D. She is the most difficult to wash, not because she is naughty. She usually lies down in the bath, so it is difficult to get to all the rolls and wrinkles and she is such a stubborn little brat, if she is lying down, then that is what she is doing and don't dare try move her. She sometimes lies flat and her whole face goes under water, its a wonder she does not drown, so much for Bull Dogs not being able to swim, and drown easily, because I often have to lift her head out the water. The drowning easily obviously comes from the dead weight a Bull Dog has and she hardly ever stands in the bath, always sits or lies down.

The Pulvex shampoo did not make bathing her any easier, because all those little wrinkles need to be cleaned and I usually wash her whole face with shampoo, then take cotton pads and clean in the wrinkles, but today I had to leave her face and just clean her wrinkles with water and cotton pads.

Isn't she just so adorable, in her little hoody towel, such a little baby, but is so heavy, all that water in those rolls.

Oops, her hoody went right over her head, its hard to tell whether the soccer ball is on the front or rear of her body :)

And that was bath time for this week, till next time

PS, I am so annoyed, certain parts of this post and the previous one, just disappear. I publish it, check it and everything is there then view the full blog and the same parts disappear all the time. what is up with blogger????????????

I am really fed up now, just retyped the same section for the fourth time, saved it and its gone after publishing, so I think I must log out and publish this on another day, because it is driving me insane!!!!
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