Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bull Dogs & Boys

Last night I thought we were going to have another big rainstorm. At around 18h00, the sky turned pitch black, there was loud rumblings of thunder and the wind came up and within an hour it all disappeared. This morning it is quite chilly and overcast, the temperature on my temperature gauge at the bottom of my home page says it is 17 today and it certainly feels like it is that cold, although yesterday morning it was also dark and cold and looked like rain, but it soon warmed up and was actually very hot by around 11.

The Census people came around yesterday to do the Census count. I don't know why people make such a fuss about things in South Africa. There is always so much negativity around anything that needs to be done. It was so quick and really painless. What is all the fuss about?? The two field workers who came here, where efficient and pretty friendly. A man and a young woman. The only problem was I had just painted my nails and when trying to put the dogs away, one of them ran over my freshly painted toe nails so I had this lovely smudged nail. I love dark and funky nail polishes. This one is a very dark purple as you can see in the photo on the left, but it actually looks navy blue on my nails. Chad says it looks black and he says I am emo. I am emo :). I have always liked different shades of blue, green, black especially and red nail polish, any different colour actually as opposed to the standard colours.

Yesterday afternoon when I was busy cooking, Spike was nagging me to play with him, like he usually does. Every afternoon after Sheila leaves and every morning after I have dropped chad off at school, we have to play and he really nags and nags. Yesterday I was so tired and just did not feel like playing, so I asked Chad to go and play with them. Miss Piggy doesn't always play when I play with them, but goes crazy when Chad plays with her, Spike prefers playing with me and I have to stand outside whilst Chad plays with him, otherwise he comes running inside with his toy and drops it at my feet, barking so I can play with him. For the past two weeks he has played with Chad, they started a new game jumping on the trampoline, then running around shaking the toy in his mouth. It was not 5 minutes later when Chad came inside calling me and I never heard him at first, then found him in the bathroom. Miss Piggy had ripped his hand open. She tried to grab the toy out of his hand and caught his hand instead. It is not a huge cut, but pretty deep. He was so upset and angry with her, but it was not intentional. I was going to take him to have it stitched, but then remembered they don't stitch dog bites and he had a tetanus injection last year. Again they were playing and her tooth caught him above his lip, between his nose and lip and scooped out his skin.  They stitched that for cosmetic reasons. I got Mark to buy Bactroban and Eusol last night and I have been cleaning it with that and closing it with strips. It is in such an awkward place, between his pinkie finger and ring finger, so its hard to keep it pulled together. I think I should take him to get an antibiotic, but he has extra maths this afternoon.  I am hoping the Eusol will work, good old fashioned Eusol from the 70's and 80's and probably much earlier. It always worked wonders for wounds, cleaning and closing it, before steri-strips and all the other new medical paraphernalia and ointments we have now. It worked wonders then so it should work now. Chad doesn't trust my nursing skills, but he also did not want to go and have it checked out. I think the memory of being injected with local anaesthetic into a dog bite is still very fresh in his mind, but not fresh enough to stop playing rough with his dog. The two of them play such rough games together, she turns into a little monster and believe you me it does not take much to turn her into one, so when Chad makes her go wild she goes full out wild. He has to stop it now. I told him 3rd time unlucky and it could be so much worse.

Its hard to believe that this sweet little dog, lying calmly in the car (the sheet is over the seat, because she sheds so much) waiting outside his school......

Can turn into a monster that does this to him.............

Hopefully today goes smoothly and is less stressful and emotional than yesterday.
Have a good Tuesday

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