Saturday, 29 October 2011

Can You Believe It............

Yep that is right, less than a month and school is over. It seems like just yesterday that Chad started high school. The year has just flown by. I have not done a quarter of the things that I planned on doing. For one I have still not reached my goal weight. In June or May last year, I started a blog about my fat fight and also joined Fatsecret. A free "diet" site. I basically used it to record calories, but it has forums, weight tracker and journals. When I joined and recorded my starting weight; goal weight and calorie intake, it stated it would take over a year to get to my goal weight and that seems such a long time, BUT it has been 18 months and I still have not reached my goal weight. The only time that I took dieting seriously was when they doctor told me my cholesterol was dangerously high. I cut out all foods that caused high cholesterol, it lasted 2 months and now I am back to eating badly and not exercising. Always starting my diet on "Monday" walking on the dread mill on "Monday" - yes dread mill - not a typo :). Still waiting for that Monday to arrive.

There are so many things that I have said I was going to do and have not. I still have not put my thoughts and feelings about Clint's birthday down on paper.  I started and got up to the morning before taking Chad to school and have not gone any further. I have not posted here about a lot of things we have done, nor have I completed Clint's page or any other page.

Chad starts exams on the 7 November and he needs to start studying. He is just like me and always says tomorrow or I just want to, but never does.  The other morning he gave me a letter from the school which was to inform me he needed to put in extra effort for NS (Natural Sciences) and EMS (Economical Management Sciences). I was really angry because I had to sign it and we were late and he never bothered to give it to me the day before. I shouted at him and told him that he is to start studying as soon as he gets home from school. His reply was "I have a shitload of homework today and I am not studying". What the schnitzel Kiddo!! This is your mother you talking to!! Never mind how do you know you have lots of homework before school starts when this is all you did yesterday afternoon, besides buggering around in the pool???

And after telling him to get off the couch and go do something the cheeky little brat says OK I will do push ups.

And the week is over and no studying done - MONDAY!!! and this time Monday has to be a reality and not just a day one day in the future.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I noticed that our geyser was leaking. Our geyser is outside the house. It was replaced by Standard Bank Insurance in January 2009 and their policy is to install geysers outside, because of the damage to the rest of the house if it breaks. So I phone Mark and tell him and he says it can't be broken it has just been replaced. And, I forgot about it. Then at 19h30, I remembered and told him to go look at it, because there is a lot of water dripping out of it. I had put a bucket there which caught some of the drips and when he went outside, the bucket was full. The geyser was so hot it was about to explode. He switched it off, then I had to quickly run my bath water, he had a shower and fortunately Chad had showered earlier after swimming, so that he could turn the water off. Luckily, he could turn the tap off on the geyser, so we did not have to switch the water off at the mains. This morning I had to shower in ice cold water, it literally took my breath away, it was so cold, but in this heat there was no way I could start the day without a shower and washing my hair. The plumbers from Standard Bank Insurance came out at about 11am , knowing the urgency of not having a geyser, but it has to be repaired by the manufacturer - Kwikot and they said they would try and come out today, but alas they have not, so no hot water. Fortunately, Mark's friend who is staying in our flatlet has gone away for the weekend, so we will all be showering in his bathroom and if they don't come and fix it tomorrow, I am going to blow a fuse and really throw my toys out.
The rain is definately on its way.    AND IT IS HERE!!!! In all its wet cool glory
Till Later..................

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