Monday, 17 October 2011

Emotional Monday

I have been getting to bed so late every night, 11pm is early for me. Its not that I am busy, I just can't get to bed and asleep. It is not insomnia either, what could you call it? I don't want to go to sleep!! Maybe it is a form of stress, where instead of thought of your worries and stress preventing you from sleeping, I stop myself from sleeping so that I can think of all these things on my mind. Stupid really, but I can't stop myself.

So after only 6 hours of sleep, I woke up at 5am and wished that I had slept when I could have. I am feeling very emotional and fragile this morning, not only from lack of sleep, but mainly from life and all the evil and tragedy in it.

A school girl was abducted last week, possibly raped and then murdered her body was found burning on a farm somewhere. This has really affected me badly. It is very strange, I can hear of or read in the news about a death of a child and it won't affect me at all, then some other case hits me hard. There are no similarities to the cases or anything that I can pinpoint to say well that is why this affected me and that didn't. Whether it is an accident or a murder, a young child or child Clint's age, there is just no similarity at all. Some I feel absolutely nothing for and others I cannot stop thinking about, it just upsets me so badly and this is one of the cases that has overwhelmed me emotionally. It is like I have a connection with the person/child on another level.

I was just starting to get it off my mind on Sunday, when I read in the news that it was this poor young girl's birthday on Sunday, I have cold shivers as I type this. How are her parents coping with burying their child when they should be celebrating her birthday, it is so cruel and evil. The evil monster handed himself over and apparently he is what was known as the Sunday rapist and he had been previously convicted of sexually molesting school girls in the area. Also a very religious married man with a child. These type of people usually hide behind their bibles and religion and then commit heinous crimes against other people and children. It is just so sick and evil. I was wondering how his wife managed to live with a man who was convicted of sexual molestation and then thought well such a sick evil person could have a hold on her. She must have known about the previous conviction, because he was convicted in 2007 and they have a 6 year old child, but after reading a news report quoting the wife as saying all she can ask is that the country prays for her and her son. What the hell, nothing about the poor girl who was brutally murdered. No amount of praying is going to help that poor girl now. Even if it was bad reporting, I am sure if she had said anything about the young girl or expressed any feelings towards the girl's family, they would have added it to the article. Her religion and prayers did not seem to stop her husband from committing such heinous acts against other parent's children.
Here are the links to the News24 and Iol articles, maybe you will disagree with me, but I feel nothing but disgust for her. Thinking of herself and her child and not the parents of the young girl and the young girl herself. My heart goes out to her family. I wish there was something I could do for them, but I know nothing anyone says or does will ever take that pain away.
Pray for us, says wife of suspected rapist

Kidnap suspect may be ‘Sunday rapist’

We live in such a sick evil society, that there are days when it seems like there is no good in this world only evil.

Well that is all for today and I hope you are having a good day wherever you may be.

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