Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Heat Wave and a Bull Dog

Well to say it is hot in Johannesburg would be an understatement.  It is really very hot for October, apparently according to the weather stations, yesterday"s temperature was the highest recorded in October ever. If I can remember they said that the highest was 33.4 and yesterday ranged from 33 to 35. Today is 30. I guess people who live in areas where the temperatures are much higher must wonder why all the fuss over temperatures of 35c. I guess we are not used to such temperatures and if you live in a very hot area you become acclimatised to the heat. The worst is that there was not even a breeze, just hot air. At least today there is a slight breeze.

Last night I was so worried about Miss Piggy. She slept on Chad's bed as usual and at 23h00 came through to our room panting like crazy. I went to go get her water, but she did not want to drink and did not want to go out either. I tried to get to sleep and she lay down on the fall by my bed and had stopped panting, then 10 minutes later she started panting again and tried to get onto our bed, I put her up and the panting got worse and she sounded as if she was gulping if that makes sense, so I brought the water to our bathroom, put her face almost right into it and she drank and drank and drank.

She was still panting for awhile after that and again tried to get on our bed. I put her up, but did not want her on the bed in case she over heated, but she stopped panting and settled down to sleep. I also fell into a deep sleep and did not even hear Mark let them out at 04h30. I was going to put the air con on for her, but I can't sleep with it on and Mark would have bitched about the electricity, but if she had not cooled down with just water and the windows wide open I would have put it on regardless of the cost of electricity. The problem with the electricity costs is that we have different price brackets, so your consumption is broken down into low cost up to higher costs depending on the levels you use, if that makes sense. Every level you go up is charged at a different rate per unit used and the more you use the higher the unit price and ours is always at about the 5th level. Water charges are the same and that is how you are penalised for using excess water and electricity.

Bull Dogs certainly don't enjoy hot weather and Piggy is no exception. She loves the rain and loves water and she has more energy early in the morning and early evenings and on colder days. Chad has been swimming her when he gets home from school and she loves it. So much for Bull Dogs not being able to swim, but I still won't take a chance by letting her near the pool on her own.

Here are some pictures of her with Chad this past December.

That is her just relaxing in the boat, but she does go in the water all the time and swims.

Till next time, from a very hot & tired.................

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