Thursday, 20 October 2011

Is Winter Back?

Miss Piggy woke me up at 02h15 to go out and wow, what a shock it was opening the front door. I was almost blown away as this gush of icy cold wind came rushing through the open door. Miss Piggy even took a step back and refused to go out, so I had to coax her out the door and then Pluto came along and went out, then she followed him out. Spike came down the passage to see what was going on and promptly turned tail and rushed off to bed. I left him, because he never got up so he could go out, she definitely wanted to go out and I was not going to clean up accidents just because it was too cold to stand at the open front door.

After the heat of the last few days, clouding over in the mornings, the skies threatening to rain then getting steamy hot, it was a real shocker when the temperatures dropped so drastically, it was 11C this morning which is rather chilly, the wind being the worst. We had a lovely rain storm yesterday afternoon and then it stopped as suddenly as it started. I am not a rain person, I really don't enjoy the rain, but will be the first to enjoy it after long spells of no rain. The dust gets to me and I hate everything looking dry and dusty. Our garden is also looking very dry and ugly, so I welcomed yesterday's rain. After the first shower, which didn't even wet most of the garden, because of the trees, the sun shone for about half an hour then it bucketed down, this time drenching everything. This happened a couple of times through out the evening, stop, start, stop, start. I guess the colder weather last night and this morning is a blessing in disguise. The garden was so parched, you could practically see it soaking up the water and if it was hot again the heat would have just drawn it all out and we would be back to a dry, arid looking garden. The temperature is steadily climbing, it was 15c when I logged on and the wind is dying down, who knows it might get hot again.

Miss P, has been driving me crazy. Sheila, our cleaning lady does not work on Thursdays and for the past hour, I have been sitting in my office, which is not in the house, but directly opposite the back door. The back door is open and she keeps barking in the house and when she hears me coming inside she runs to me wiggling her little bum - that usually means she is up to nonsense and chewing up something. She has not chewed anything for awhile, but I am not taking any chances. One day she was doing that and when Sheila went to clean the lounge she saw that Piggy had chewed off the corner of our coffee table, amongst plenty of other things on other days.

Ignoring her is not an option, plus there is always this kind of inner fear that someone could be in the house. Living in South Africa, I think everyone has that fear, some to a lesser degree than others, but it is mostly there. I know having locked gates and electric fences do not keep robbers out, but I face the front gate and can see if someone is at the gate, not that they cant jump over the electric fence at the back and walk in the back door without me knowing, so the fear is always there I guess. I shouldn't keep the back door unlocked, but I do. My office does not have a security gate and that is left open, imagine sitting locked up with the door closed, no thanks!! Mark says I should keep the courtyard gate locked, but I don't - the dogs need the freedom to walk outside and in the house or in the office whenever they want. Usually Piggy goes and lies in Pluto's bed for most of the day, until Chad gets home from school and I just go and check that she is there and that every thing is OK, not often, but I do throughout the morning. I often work in the dining room when Sheila is not here, so that I have the doors locked, but if I don't, like today, then Spike and Jingles are always in the office with me, Piggy in the house in Pluto's bed and then Pluto, the real guard dog, lies 'gaurding' my car or 'gaurding' a door - guarding something. He is like a security guard who has to do rounds to check that everything is in order and nothing is amiss. He is our self appointed security guard, minus the baton and torch.

Needless to say, Madam Piggy's antics have upset our little Thursday routine. All of us up and down checking to see what she is barking at . After the 10th time, I finally discovered what the problem was. Garfield is lying on Chad's unmade bed, I haven't made it yet, because I did not want to disturb her, she was sleeping so soundly and looked so comfy and I hate disturbing her. Well Pigs does not like this at all, according to her, Garfield does not belong on Chad's bed, so she barks at her, comes down the passage, then back to his room to tell Garfield to get off the bed, Garfield being the Queen of the house that she is, just gives her a dirty look and carries on sleeping. She is such a funny little dog, she has her chair that she sits on, but only one place on the three seater couch and don't try and get her to sit anywhere else - she won't. She has so many funny little quirks, it is just too cute. Now she is sulking, because I have locked the inter leading security gate, which means she can't get to her bed or worry Garfield. Shame let me go and open it so she can go sleep and hopefully leave Garfield alone.

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