Friday, 28 October 2011

The Night Before.................

And it did not rain. It almost always rains on Guy Fawkes and Diwali and I was so sure it was going to rain last night.  The clouds were dark and heavy, but nothing.  This morning we had not even 5 minutes of drizzle, I am sure it dried up before it even hit the ground.  What we did have though, was lots and lots of noise and not from thunder, but from fire crackers.  It is so annoying, in fact more than annoying. I do not know what the significance to any religion or culture loud bombs have and strangely enough, I have never seen Indian people in the houses around us and I have often walked around our roads. BUT... the fireworks went on and on and loud. I know quite a few Hindu people who also don't believe that crackers and fireworks have any significance in their religion and who are totally against it, because it is a man made celebration and children and animals get hurt. In fact I read on IOL today of a Staffie who had his jaw blown off from a cracker. Someone threw the cracker over the wall and into their garden, the poor dog ran up to it, put it in his mouth and it exploded and blew off most of his jaw. The poor dog had to be put down. Where is the fun and prosperity and good health in that. In someone else's sadness and an innocent dog's tragic and painful death. Sorry but I hate those things and will never find them pretty, beautiful, fascinating to watch or fun.

On the subject of Diwali, one of Mark's customers brought him a little Diwali box of eats. It had little chocolate balls in it, Indian treats, biscuits and this really lovely, chocolate shortbread kind of cake. Mm mm, it was so deli sh - and I am back on my low cholesterol diet, but could not resist the tempting treats. I have no will power whatsoever.

The weather has cooled down a bit, but the dogs are still so hot and again, I was kept up for half the night lifting on and half the bed, letting them outside at 2am and I am so exhausted. They are so cute though, that I can't stay angry with them for long. The picture below is of Spike, sitting patiently waiting for someone to give him his toy.  That dog and toys!!! He is worse than a baby attached to a dummy (pacifier) or security blanket.  Mark bought them new toys on Saturday and of course Spike has already chewed bits off his.  He does that until he gets the squeaky bit out. It probably hurts his ears as soft as what they are, or we think they are, because they can get irritating and he just rips into whatever toy squeaks and then he is happy. I don't know why they actually put squeaky things in them.  Anyway Chad has taped up his toy three times, I don't know why, but he does and Spike rips the tape off and knows exactly which is tape and which is toy. So last night Chad taped it up again and put it in the vase on the lounge table. Spike sat by the table for about 20 minutes doing nothing but staring at the toy, before I actually noticed. Not once did he jump up and try and get it, he just sat waiting for someone to give it to him, when Chad did give it to him he was so excited. Mark and Chad often put his toy in the vase and one night he sat by Mark, which he always does, if Mark is not here he is my dog and my shadow, as soon as Mark gets home he does not come near me. This one night after sitting and barking at Mark, he came to me, sat down and looked at me, I rubbed him and made a fuss of him, saying how strange it is that he is sitting by me, when I suddenly remembered that his toy was in the vase. Mark had put it there the day before, because he had chewed it up and was eating bits of it. It was not a very strong toy, just a little squeaky shoe, more for a poodle than a bull terrier. It was so cute the way he came and asked me to give him his toy, because Mark was not giving it to him. Animals are so clever and just so cute.

Quote For The Day:
   The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude. ~Robert Brault

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