Sunday, 30 October 2011


Well it finally rained last night. Hard drenching rain and this morning everything looked clean and fresh. As for our geyser being fixed, this did not happen. Kwikot technicians came out this morning, took one look at the geyser and said a 200L geyser is not meant to be installed on the wall the way it has been. The installation is totally illegal and they would not be installing the new one.  Standard Bank Insurance have to send their plumbers out to redo the installation. The installation was signed off in 2009, by their assessor, says a lot about Standard Bank and Standard Bank Insurers. The plumbers now can't get the special brackets to install the geyser, so now they are coming tomorrow.  I am so mad. On Friday when I spoke to one of the consultants, he asked if we would rather have a solar geyser fitted. I asked Mark and he said yes. Now today, they say if we have a solar geyser fitted it is at our cost. Why the hell say we should rather have a solar geyser to replace this one, if we have to pay the cost of it. Just so they don't have to pay out another claim, caused by their incompetent plumbers on their panel of plumbers. Another day of showering in the shower in the flatlet and no bathing :(.

Calamari Starter
We were going to go out for supper last night, Mark felt like having a steak and not a home cooked one. Especially not one cooked by me.  I hate cooking fried foods. When he was on his way home the storm had already started and it was quite a hectic storm so we decided to rather stay home and have pizza for supper.  We might go out tonight to the Cattle Baron for supper. I wouldn't mind going to Mo-Zam-Bik. We went there for Mark's birthday on the 8 October 2011. It was the first time that I had been there, Chad and Mark went to the one in Ballito, when they were down there a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed my meal. The starter was not that good, grilled calamari, but my main meal, cob with a green mango and banana sauce was absolutely Divine. Mark had a strange Portuguese sausage for a starter, which he did not enjoy. For his main meal he had a mixed grill. BORING!!! Why go somewhere different and have something common and boring like a mixed grill.


Portuguese Sausage In Flames
Cob With Banana & Mango
Mixed Grill

Portuguese Sausage

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