Sunday, 30 October 2011

Spike Conquers His Fears

Finally!!! Spike has conquered his fear of the pool. He is petrified of the pool as well as the hosepipe. The reason why he is scared of the hosepipe is because when they broke into our house, they threw rocks at the dogs and sprayed them with water with our hosepipe and he is now petrified of the hosepipe. I don't know why he is scared of the pool.

Chad was swimming with Piggy and Mark decided to put Spike in the pool as well. Since Chad has been swimming with Piggy everyday, Spike has been coming closer and closer to the edge of the pool, something he would never do before. Mark put him in the pool and when he jumped out he did not run away. I then convinced Mark to get into the pool, because Spike will go anywhere Mark is, although before this week even if Mark did go in the pool, he would not even go outside. Mark jumped into the pool and then put Spike in and I threw his toy into the pool and he swam to the deep end almost drowning, but got his toy. Then him and Piggy were playing tug of war with Mark & Chad, his favourite game.


Pluto and Jingles also had a swim and whilst Piggy, Spike and Jingles ran around the pool playing, Pluto, the old man that he is jumped on the patio chair and lay there, thinking they were so silly and immature.

Crazy Garfield spent the day lying in the dog's bath and at one stage was lying inside a packet that was in the bath for no apparent reason

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