Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Stray Cat

"Stray Cat"
On Monday, 10 October 2011, I was at work and saw a cat in the workshop, it was climbing all over a car. I went to go and investigate and it ran into the parking yard. It looked frightened, but at the same time, it was meowing in a friendly way, not hissing or anything like that.  I called it and she/he came to me and started smelling my fingers, as if I had food in my hands.  Chad was with me at the workshop, but had gone to the shop. When he came down, he asked what I was doing in the yard and then saw the cat.  He ran off and bought it a sachet of Friskies Cat food and the poor little cat wolfed it down. Chad went to tell Mark about the cat we found and he said it was always there, but it was scared of people. It ran away every time it saw anyone. I told him it certainly was not scared of us. I was rubbing it and it was purring and very friendly. I even picked it up. We went into the office to find a bowl for water and the little cat came looking for us. Chad went to go buy it more food, so sweet he used his own money, he said he wanted to spend his money on the poor stray cat.

Then I saw one of our workers, Phineas, chasing it and I shouted at him and said he must not chase the poor cat. He said it is always there and slept inside the cars. I told him not to frighten it. He doesn't like cats and is scared of them. I told him they are not rats or mice, they are pets. I dropped Chad off at Northgate, to go see a movie and bought a bag of food for it, went home and after the movie finished fetched Chad and we went back to work to take the food there and take bowls for water and food. We did not know if it was a female or male and called it Mercedes (pronounced the American way, as in Mersaydeez), we also decided she was a little girl and she was going to be the workshop cat. She looked like a stray cat, was very hungry, having wolfed down 3 sachets of Friskies and she was always at the workshop, they would find her sleeping in an old car in the mornings when they arrived in the mornings. When we got there, she had disappeared.

 Phineas said she had jumped over the wall. She has never been back there since. Except last week on Monday, I saw her on the pavement next door.  I think she belongs to the people in the house next door and they don't look after her.  I am sure they heard me telling the staff that it is my cat and they must not chase her away. I also said that she is either lost or her owners don't care about her, so she can be the workshop cat, because I can't take her home. Garfield will not allow another cat here and Spike will also chase it, he hates the cats from next door, who are also feral cats. always in the street or in the other houses in our road, they try and come into our garden, but our dogs chase them away. They have about four cats, who wander the streets day and night.  I cannot understand how people can have cats and then let them wander around the streets. Garfield never leaves our property. In fact she does not even go to the end of our garden, which is not even big. she stays as close to the house as possible. She lies outside a lot, but close to the house and the only part of the garden she does go to is Clint's memorial garden. I liked the idea of having a cat at the workshop and she was really a sweet little cat.

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