Saturday, 15 October 2011

Technology Is A B#@%H

Yes, I know, swearing and even cyber swearing is offensive to most people. I for one, although I do swear especially when I am angry, I don't think it is right to swear on blogs and on social network sites, it’s like screaming out in a public place for all to hear and can be offensive to many people and I know using symbols doesn’t make it less offensive to some. I personally don’t read blogs or follow people who randomly swear, so I apologise to anyone who takes offense to my cyber swearing.  BUT, and it is a big but, technology has been unkind to me lately. I haven’t been able to post for some time, what with all the problems with my laptop, then my adsl went down for ten days, which was just so frustrating and I had constant fights with Telkom and Mweb, not that it even helped. I think the more I fought and demanded the more they decided not to fix it.  So I felt that using an expletive would make me feel better about my frustrations.  Just as I started this post, I moved from my office to my bedroom, plugged in my laptop, because it only works with power the battery is shot and the next thing after typing the first five words, I was graced with a black screen. I thought it had crashed again, but the electrical switch was not down completely so there was no power. The battery lasts up until 80% then dies. :(

In actual fact, since the day I decided to update my blog, all my technology problems started, not that I can say I am surprised, that is just the way the universe is when it comes to me. I sound like a stuck record, always on about getting this blog up to date and all I end up doing is posting about getting it updated :)                                               

I need to post about Clint’s birthday and my feelings etc, I have so much that I feel I need to get out and just never get to it or when I really want to and am in a mood to blog about my feelings then Technology gets all nasty and spiteful.

I found this picture on line as part of international bully week and I think it is so cute, but decided to post it here, to tell the universe and technology that being a bully is wrong. So please stop bullying me and let me blog in peace. In no way am I belittling bullying, it is a very serious problem in this world of ours.

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