Sunday, 2 October 2011

Unfinished Blog

I started this blog a year ago. I have had other blogs.  I start them, get all into the idea of doing a blog, then get fed up and delete it.  Well this one I have not deleted, but I publish it, then close it to everyone then publish it and it goes on and on and on. I change the layout, I add gadgets, I delete them, I swap them around, basically spending more time playing with gadgets than actually updating my blog.

I think it is because I am really not that into the idea of having a blog, but want one.  I like the idea of having a place for my thoughts, a place other than in my head, but then again, 90% of my thoughts and feelings do not leave the safety of my head anyway.  I know not many people, if any do actually read this blog, so my thoughts should be safe, but rather safe than sorry. I have found in the past when I used MWeb's blogger, everyone read my blog and it actually became quite an invasion of my privacy, with all sorts of people commenting, so this is just the extreme opposite.  There were some very nice people who I met and interacted with on MWeb blogger, but the few that were not pleasant made me delete my blog twice, basically starting from scratch.  I was totally anonymous on those blogs and I also did one on Women 24, so I am not new to this whole thing, I just don't keep up with them, like most things in life.

Well what I was actually getting at when I started this post was that I had an idea of what I wanted on my blog, as can be seen from my different page headings and in 18 months have not even started most of my pages.  They all waiting to be completed.  Archived posts also need to be changed, because at a stage and actually when I started this blog it was quite anonymous, then completely anonymous, but now I have changed it and decided what the hell, why have nick names and pseudonyms when I could just as well use our own names. So I need to change those posts as they don't make sense in a way.  I also closed my one Flickr account so there are posts without photos, which I mentioned before and they look rather silly, also not much point to having a record of our lives with no photos.

So I need to really get this blog looking like I originally wanted it to look and besides not having much time during the week, I have had problems with my laptop for weeks now.  I have had constant fights with Xtreme IT, even going as far as complaining to the Consumer Protector. I had not heard from the Consumer Protector, so I tried one more time with Xtreme IT, well Mark did and they asked for one more chance, so out of desperation I gave them another chance then the Consumer Protector contacted them after they promised me that they would solve the problem.  Initially they ignored my emails and phone calls which made me mad so I went ahead and submitted a formal complaint.

Well they had my laptop from Wednesday to Friday, they changed the hard drive again, installed Windows 7 and delivered it on Friday.  It worked like a dream, then today it crashed again, same problem as when it went back to them this week and the week before, but not the original problem it had.  I honestly do not know why it keeps crashing and there must be something causing the problem with the hard drive, because now according to them it has been changed twice. It makes me mad, because it uses so many data bundles to reload Skype, Google Chat, Incredimail etc and the worst AVG. My Internet connection is very slow, plus I connect from the house to the Wi-Fi in the office , so in one day I have used 500mb already for the new month and every time they reload my hard drive I have to reload all the programs on a slow Internet connection.  I do not recommend using MWeb's ADSL line, unless you are prepared to pay thousands, which is not worth it.  The only reason why I still have Mweb and not changed, is because Chad can also connect with his PC and phone, so in that way it is a saving.  You can get a Cell C modem for R1500.00 which includes 2 Gigs a month for a year and it is super fast. My MTN 3g modem is very expensive, which is why I changed to MWeb, but that was also the wrong decision and only found out about Cell C after buying the ADSL router and having my phone line converted..
So with computer problems, Internet connection problems, time constraints, I have a blog that is unfinished. I have so much to blog about. Every thing has become a past event, I don't read anymore, but have read one or two books I would like to review, but haven't, and my animals, I have loads and loads to blog about them, because they are just so cute and adorable, but I just don't get to that page.
OK so I have had my bitch for today and boy am I full of complaints today.  I have had a really terrible week. A week where I could very easily kill someone or even myself for that matter.  I hate life, I hate myself, I hate everyone and everything and I absolutely hate and despise the people responsible for Clint's death.  Fortunately for me and everyone else, Chad keeps me relatively sane and grounded, so the part where I said I could easily kill someone, is said metaphorically and not literally.  Chad is the reason for the smile on my face, the laughter in my life and the will to get up in the mornings. He is my world, my life and without him, I would not be able to carry on with this mere existence of everyday life.
I also lost my appetite completely last week. Two days of the week, I only drank coffee and had a couple of boiled sweets and I was so happy to weigh myself this morning and saw I went down by 2.2 Kg's, but no doubt I will pick them up again, because my appetite came back last night and is back in full force today.  If only it could leave me for good, but alas, it is just too loyal and committed to leave my side.
So I will end this post so I can carry on eating my lovely boiled egg on Albany Low GI Brown Seeded Bread with marmite, which I have been craving all day.

Till next time......................

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