Monday, 14 November 2011

3am Chills

So I have not posted for a few days. Other than being busy with work and Chad and his exams, I have not had time to blog. I also have this huge abscess in my tooth. My filling fell out over a month ago and instead of going to the dentist and getting it fixed, I left it and suffered with slight toothache for weeks, until Monday when it just got worse and worse. I have the most excruciating pain, a fat swollen face and am feeling awful. Mark cannot understand why I always leave my teeth until it gets this bad, because this is not the first time it has happened. A couple of years ago, in fact the year Clint died I got an abscess in my tooth, I went to the dentist, got antibiotics, refused to have root canal therapy and a few months later got another abscess in the same tooth, left it until my whole face was swollen and up until a few months ago I had no feeling across my chin. At the time and for months after that my mouth and lips were also numb. The abscess damaged a nerve, so it felt as though I had local anesthetic permanently. Unfortunately it did not take away the actual pain of the abscess and the toothache. I had what they call referred pain as the pain spread to all my teeth and it was hard to tell which tooth had the problem. The same thing has happened now. Not the numbness, but the referred pain.  On Thursday, I made an appointment with the dentist for Saturday morning and woke up on Friday with a swollen face, terrible earache, sore throat, sore cheek, every tooth in my mouth aching, top and bottom on the right hand side and even a painful eye. I had asked the receptionist when I made the appointment to ask Dr Marikimane for a script for an antibiotic, but there was some confusion about who I was and my file etc, so she did not fax the script. She felt awful when I walked in and saw who I was and what my face looked like. She never remembers me by name and I don't blame her and also don't expect her to remember me, because I don't go there often. When her receptionist told her I needed an antibiotic and they could not find my file she thought I had never been there before. Then I got lost going there. She is in Bryanston and because I hate driving on the highway, I go the back ways and get lost every time. This time I landed up in the middle of Fourways and the traffic was worse than midweek peak hour traffic. The traffic lights were not working at the main intersection going onto and off the highway and I had to cross that intersection.  I was already late and had to phone to say I was lost and is it OK that I am a bit late. She was then convinced that I was a new patient. When I walked in, spoke to the receptionist about the spelling of my name, she walked into the reception, looked at me and said Oh no of course I know you. Then said to her receptionist who is fairly new, I know Dianne very well, we have cried together and shared our secrets. I have spoken to her about Clint and the accident and she has told me about her own personal problems that life threw at her, so it was not just a cover up that she pretended she knew me. At least I have an excuse for leaving my teeth until I can't take it anymore. Living with the pain is better than driving to Bryanston. It might be less than 20 Km's away, but for me it is like leaving the country. I won't go to another dentist closer to home, because I really like her, she is kind and gentle, a very good dentist and always explains what she is doing and why she is doing. She might not remember everyone's name, but she remember's all her patient's stories and takes a personal interest in all her patients. Going to her is not like some dentists, where you are just a number or account that brings in an income, there is no conveyor belt syndrome with her. She gives you her undivided attention and care throughout the procedure.

Since Friday morning I have been taking two Mybulins and 1 panamor every 2 to 2 and a half hours and sometimes 2 panados as the mybulins give me a terrible headache. I have tried not taking anything,  but if I leave it for another 30 minutes the pain gets so bad and I am not  kidding you or being a baby. I have a pretty high pain threshold and whenever I am in pain I think of the pain Clint must have been in and received nothing for pain until he went to theater and because of that I try and ignore whatever pain I have, but this pain has been too unbearable. Mark had a bad throat infection and chest infection and went to the doctor on Tuesday and she gave him a script for the mybulin, which I have now finished. The panamor is for his gout. They are anti-inflammatory pills. Taking the mybulin on its own does not help the pain. I have tried, but I have to take them together. I also tried taking the panamor on its own and nothing happens. Panamor burns my stomach and it feels like the towering inferno and the mybulin are apparently addictive. Well that is what it says on the container. I would hate to be addicted to them, they make me feel awful and I feel sorry for anyone who became addicted to them by accident. I woke up at 3am on Saturday with such pain, I was freezing cold, then boiling hot, sweating profusely, then freezing cold. I eventually went to lie in the lounge after the pills I took did not help. I did not want to wake Mark up with my tossing and turning. I lay in the lounge reading the You magazine and fell asleep at around five, only to be woken up by Mark at 6.30, he thought I was awake and that was the end of my sleep for the morning.
Dentist Pictures, Images and Photos
The dentist has given me antibiotics, I need to take two, four times a day. I am allergic to penicillin, so she had to give me Ilosone, which I just realized I was supposed to take them an hour ago. Better go take them now. She also gave me celebrex, an anti-inflammatory, which does not affect your stomach lining. They haven't helped for the pain, so I am still taking Mybulin and only have two left. You are only meant to take one Celebrex a day, but I have taken two as I can't handle the pain. I feel like a junkie.

On Friday, I had made an appointment to have my hair cut and should have cancelled the appointment. My hair was long overdue for a cut, my fringe was so  long, but the hairdresser has cut my hair too short. It is in a kind of long bob now, just on my shoulders and before that it was quite far down my back. Between the pills and the pain, I was so spaced out that when she asked me how much she must cut off and showed me, I said a bit more and she cut a lot more than a bit more. Now to start the growing process again. I realized after leaving the hairdresser on Friday, that I should not be driving. I really felt spaced out when I was there, so I came straight home, they are only about 3km's away, but still, driving and feeling like that is so wrong. Whilst paying, my card would not work so I tried my credit card, maybe I was putting the wrong pin code in, I don't know, or it was their machine. When I got home I thought I had left my cards behind as they were nowhere in my purse. I phoned them to find out if they had my cards and was dreading having to drive all the way back there, but they said no. I searched and turned both my purse and bag upside down inside out and back to front, got Chad to look and was about to phone back and say they must have them, when I found them in a part of my purse I had never even known was there. AND the purse is about a year old!!! After that I just went to sleep and woke up when the pain started again. The combination of the pain and the pills, plus the lady who washes your hair at the hairdresser massages your head and does such a good job of it, I think I fell asleep whilst still being awake.
Where Is Your Hair Dude?

I had promised Chad that I would bake shortbread yesterday and he wanted to bake a chocolate cake. After their baking classes at school, baking for the old age home last week, he wants to take up Hotel & Catering at school in Grade 10, plus he watches Cake Boss on Discovery Chanel and now wants to be the next Cake Boss. So after getting back from the dentist and the pharmacy I had a sleep then dragged myself to the kitchen and we baked. Something went horribly wrong with his cake. It tasted good, but it never rose at all and crumbled, so we could not ice it and turned it into chocolate Brownies and ate it with custard. My shortbread did not come out too good either. I found a new recipe and between that and the heatwave we are having at the moment and the pain in my ear, throat and mouth, our baking was a disaster.

Oh and not forgetting, I have changed my blog yet again. I felt there were too many pages. Pages that I wanted initially, but I am never going to get them updated and also going back and adding stuff onto the pages    does not seem to work, so I have deleted them and left the important ones. I am never satisfied with what I do or have and the same applies to my blog and not forgetting procrastination is my middle name so nothing gets done. Lets hope my blog format now stays as is and I don't wake up one morning and change it again.

Well I think I need to go and have a sleep. I am so tired and sleepy, but am battling to sleep. My ear is so sore, more than my tooth. It looks like a storm is on its way, which the garden really needs. The heat is killing all our plants.

Have a lovely Sunday

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