Thursday, 24 November 2011

Battered and Bruised

What a storm yesterday!!! As usual, our gardener had not even left for the day, after doing the garden, raking up leaves, sweeping the driveway and cleaning everywhere else when out of nowhere this massive storm came. I was feeling very tired and weak and went to go and have a sleep at around 3pm. The weather was overcast and dull and grey for most of the day, the sun peeking through every now and again. Not the type of weather where you would expect a hectic rainstorm.

Anyway I had just fallen asleep when I was rudely awoken by this loud crackle of thunder and it was pitch black outside. I thought for a minute that at long last I had finally had a good deep much needed sleep. No such luck there as it was only 15h30. I called to Chad to tell Rabie, the gardener to quickly pack up and go before the storm starts, because he comes to work on a bicycle and lives pretty far from our house. He was not even out the gate when the heavens opened and the rain came gushing down and the next thing, hailstones came pelting down the size of golf balls. All the windows and doors were open and Chad and I had to run around closing all of them. Poor Chad had to run outside to close the office door and the outside room's door, which Sheila left open in her rush to leave before it started raining. The hail just came flying in all directions and all the floors were sopping wet.  Needless to say the garden looks all battered and bruised just like my face and you would not say that the garden had just been tidied and cleaned up and the house looked just as bad with the dogs all worked up, some scared, some excited by this new game of icy cold balls flying into the kitchen.

After the rain had stopped, Chad went outside with Miss Piggy and Spike and she was in her element, running on the cold hailstones. Her first real hailstorm!! It pelted down with rain again last night when Mark came home from work and during the night it also rained hard almost right through the night. So much for the dry summer, the weather bureau has predicted for this summer. Today is dull and grey and can't seem to make up its mind whether to rain or be sunny.

As for my battered and bruised face, it seems that is here to stay!! What I would do for a snickers bar, my favourite chocolate of all chocolates. Shame I think Mark also thought my swelling would be down after the surgery and that I would be able to eat normally again and that when they came to visit on Sunday, they would find me looking like my normal self, because other than the nighties and halls and sucking sweets that he brought me, he also brought me a snickers bar, but there is just no way that I can even attempt to eat it. At least the wish on the card they bought me came true and I never stayed in hospital for as long as we were initially told I would be staying and my stay was a short one.

I have just come back from my post-op check up and the surgeon asked how I was feeling and I told him much better, except I have a very sore cheek and I must have bitten it at some stage, because it is excruciatingly sore, the only real pain I have now and his reply was "Of course it is sore, I had to cut there". So the tiny cut on my neck is quite deceiving. Apparently it is not just a small surface incision on the skin, but that cut goes through my jaw into my cheek. He removed the drain, which was about 15cm's long!!! I was shocked when he showed me how long it was. I thought it was a tiny little drain, the bit you can see in the picture the nurse took. I have to go back in two weeks to see if there was no further damage caused to my jaw and he said I had nearly lost my whole jaw. How scary is that!!! A little filling coming out leading to all of this. I also have to carry on with salt water mouth washes, three weeks after the mouth wash is finished, because the infection can come back. I also have to force my jaw to open, because it has become stiff. He told me to go and buy lots of toffees to get my jaw working. I promptly told him that I won't be doing that, because the rest of my teeth will come out, after the toffees have ripped my other fillings out. Bad advice from a dental person I would say. He gave me another prescription for pain medication, but I have not filled it yet. I think I have had enough medication for now and am going to try and live with the pain.  He also said that not even morphine would have helped with the pain from an infection that bad, so all those tablets I was taking every couple of hours was just a waste of time.

Hopefully, now that the drain is out and the wound is healing, I will wake up tomorrow and finally feel better and a face no longer swollen and sore. I wanted to go back to work after the doctor's appointment, but Mark would not hear of it. He said I must rather stay at home until I get better. I am working at home, but not for long periods. I rest when I feel tired or when I update my blog :-). What would I do without Mark and Chad who are always there for me and I don't think they know just how much I appreciate and love them. Thanks guys!!!!

That's all for today

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