Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Birds; Bees & Berry Trees

Yesterday, my poor babes was stung by a bee. He went outside in the early evening, without shoes on, to play with the dogs and stood on a bee, which promptly stung him. I feel so awful, because every time I tell him to go and play with the dogs, because I am either too busy or too tired and just don't have energy to play with them, he gets hurt.  OK, not every time, but it sure is starting to feel like that. First it was Miss Piggy, biting him instead of biting the toy, now the bee sting. I gave him an Allecet, it is for Hay fever and allergies, but I figured it should work and put some germolene on the sting. All he needed was to swell up and react to the bee sting and not be able to write exams today. It worked and by the time he went to bed he was fine and the bit of swelling around the sting had gone down.

We have so many bees and it is becoming a problem. Miss Piggy was stung by a bee a few months ago and we had to rush her to the vet. Her one eye was swollen, her whole face was pink and she had welts on her skin. You could see the lines of the welts under her coat. It was a Saturday morning and fortunately it happened just before our vet closed for the weekend. There was so much traffic and on the way to the vet she was panting and starting to almost hyperventilate and her throat was starting to close by the time we got to the vet. She was given anti-histamine injections and cortisone and the vet watched her  until all the symptoms had started to disappear and then she was fighting fit again.

We have this really massive tree right by our front door, which has red little flowers or berries on it, as seen in the photos below. I have no idea what tree it is, but the berries must be full of sweet nectar and pollen, because it is full of bees. Some days you can hear the buzzing. November looks like Autumn. As the bees suck out the nectar the red flowers or berries fall off the tree and the grass and paving is always covered in a red carpet of flowers.

We also have a huge Mulberry tree right next to it. Whoever, planted these trees years ago, never took into account that trees grow big and planting them right next to the house might look pretty when they are small, but when they grow they become a mess and also quite a hazard. I want to cut them down, but both trees are full of birds. At this time of the year, the birds don't even go and eat the fruit I put in the feeders for them. They don't leave that tree. We have more birds here and different species than we have ever seen when we have gone to the bush.

We have Weaver Birds, African Hoopoes, WagTails, Starlings, Robins, Louries, Mousebirds, Thrushes, Hadedas, Pigeons, Doves, just to name a few. We have them all and it is so wonderful listening to them chattering and shrieking in the trees and hopping around the branches, so I am very reluctant to cut down the two trees, but they make such a mess. Talk about Mulberry Lane. The paving outside the front door is always purple with squashed Mulberries that have fallen off the tree and you have to tread carefully around them, otherwise the house gets full of them and it is a constant battle to keep the area clean and stain free. The choice is clean area and no birds or fewer birds or dirty mess and lots of birds. For now we are sticking with the birds. It is so peaceful and if you close your eyes you can imagine you are away from the hustle and bustle of suburban life and out in nature.

And on the exam front, Chad reckons his EMS exam was easy and tomorrow he has English Language, Creative Writing and Comprehension. Right now he is watching TV and I am really so tired of moaning and nagging him to switch off the TV and study, that I am starting to sound like a stuck record. Tomorrow he has to study Afrikaans and that I am not looking forward to. I think his dad can help him with that!!

Till Later

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