Wednesday, 30 November 2011

For My Dear Friend Jen

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Jen, who just like me has to endure the pain and tragedy of not celebrating her son's 22nd birthday this year. Today, the 30th of November should be celebrated with joy and happiness, instead for her it will be a day of pain, tears and sadness.

Her son also died as a result of a motorbike accident, also not his fault, also by someone who did not pay the price for causing the death of a wonderful young boy and ending all of his and his family's dreams and goals. A young boy or man actually, in his final year at school, doing his matric, but never got to achieve that, because of someone who has no respect for the laws of the road and no respect for life. He died a year after Clint. Two young boys, just becoming young men, about to start a new wonderful chapter in their lives, but never got to live their dreams. Born the same year as Clint, but died a year later.

Jen is the only person I know, who knows what life is like now. She does not imagine or think of what it is like, she knows, she lives through it everyday. When she tells me she is thinking about me on Clint's birthday, then I know it is genuine and she feels what I am feeling, as I do when I think of her on her son's birthday. It is not just empty words, something someone thought they would say, because they feel that they have to say or because they don't know what to say and yes there are people that do say it with very little meaning to it. Unfortunately there are those people and you learn to live with it and ignore it.

So Jen, with this candle I am sending you all the love and light to remember your Rus.
May all the happy memories be with you on this day filled with sadness and tears.
May his memory and love shine brightly within you today and every other day
May his memory be honored and always be remembered and bring a tiny bit of joy to you today.
May you get through today as best you can!!!

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Your Friend

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