Sunday, 6 November 2011

Frustrations and Aggravations

Last night I was reading through my blog and what a mess I found. I don't know if it is me doing something wrong or blogger that is just scrambling up everything. Clint's page was all scrambled and nothing made sense. I had headings and then the stuff that belonged under the heading was somewhere else.  I don't know how this happened or when it happened. I tried fixing it about 20 times and every time I published the page and went to check it was messed up again.

I am not even a quarter of the way transferring everything from the facebook group to my blog and I have to start his page all over, fixing everything on it. It is so difficult for me to read through everything as it is, which is also the reason why I have not carried on doing his page. Now this mess just makes me so angry. I thought perhaps it is because I have too many pictures on my blog, but I have read and seen other blogs that have more photos than I have and much bigger ones, so it can't be that. Maybe, it is my computer, because I keep getting an error message saying "Internet Explorer has prevented cross scripting on the site" whatever that means, I don't know, but it irritates me to no end.

I was going to carry on fixing up my blog today, but exams start on Tuesday and I have to help Chad study. Tomorrow is a study day, so there is no school, but Chad is not disciplined enough to get out his books and study on his own. So I have to sit and nag and help him. Telling him it is only 3 weeks that he has to work hard and study then 2 months of holidays is not motivation enough for him.  I guess he takes after me, because I never worked hard at school and I still procrastinate and don't just get on with whatever it is I have to do.

Last night I went to bed so late and the dog's woke us up early as usual. There were idiots letting off Fireworks in the neighborhood for Guy Fawkes and Jingles, Pluto and Garfield get so scared, especially Jingles. I do not see why people in South Africa should acknowledge Guy Fawkes!! It has no significance in our Country or History, so why celebrate it, just so you can play with fireworks. I don't get how people find pleasure and fun in loud bangs that frighten not only animals, but young children. Never mind people who have  been shot at or held up in a Country where armed robberies happen on a daily basis. Hearing those loud bangs must be very frightening for them. I read that you may let off Fireworks between 19h00 and 22h00, but not near animals, well there are animals everywhere, so therefore you should not be allowed to let them off anywhere. Lets not even talk about what they do to the environment. Imagine the poor birds flying or nesting in trees when those loud noises explode near them and the smell of burning and sparks that fly around them. Sorry to say, but I am totally against all Fireworks, whether they are loud bangs or so called "pretty" lights in the sky. Nothing pretty or fascinating about them!!!!

OK, so my bitch for the morning is over, now to go and ask Chad questions to see how much he has learnt in the past hour. He is learning EMS today - Economical Management Sciences.

Have a great Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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