Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Glimpse Into My Mornings

 On Wednesday, Mark flew down to Ballito, to sort out the lease and progress of the premises for the workshop that he is opening down there, so Chad and I were alone at home. We went to bed so late on Wednesday night. I usually do when I am alone at home. All the night time sounds appear more ominous when I am alone at night. The house seems to creak and groan and it gets pretty scary, so I figure if I stay up late and have the TV on it masks these imaginary or not so imaginary noises and then by the time I do switch off everything I am so tired that I fall asleep straight away. Chad also went to bed very late, at 23h30, which is late for him. He thinks he can go to bed late, but I suffer the consequences the next day, when he is miserable and irritable and when we are both tired from lack of sleep, it does not bode very well. He also worries and stresses when his father is not at home. He knows too well that life can end at any time and promising that nothing bad will ever happen to any of us, just does not work, because we know that these are false promises, because if we could prevent tragedies from happening and if we could make these promises, then Clint would be alive. Chad also keeps his fears and worries to himself, but it comes out in anger and bad moods. He was terribly moody all afternoon and evening and then we skyped Mark quite late, he had gone out for supper and after that Chad was in a much better mood and we chatted and joked around, until I finally said, he needs to get to sleep, because it was school the next day. I still had to bath, put the dogs out and lock up. I said that he could sleep a bit later than usual and we would just leave later as the traffic is not so hectic these days. I also set my alarm for half an hour later, for 5.30 and not 5. I was looking forward to that extra 30 minute sleep. No such luck!! Garfield started her morning call at 4.45, which woke Spike up and he started walking up and down and then Miss Piggy and in the end I had to get up at 5, to let them out. I was so tired, I just sat around drinking coffee and smoking until well after 6, and then it was a rush to get ready. When I went to wake Chad up at 7.15, I found Spike fast asleep on Chad's bed, Miss Piggy in Pluto's bed and Jingles and Pluto in my bed. After waking me up so early, they get to go back to sleep and I can't :-( When we were ready to leave, I ran around the house looking for Garfield, to make sure she was inside before we left, on Thursdays, Sheila, our cleaning lady does not work, so I have to organise all the animals. Garfield can get out the windows, but I always make sure she is inside before we leave and after hunting everywhere for her, I found her cuddled up under one of her blankets on Clint's bed, barely visible. Lucky animals!!
Mark's friend, Keith, who is staying at our house at the moment, also went down to Ballito with him. They both had to go down to sign the lease. They are going into partnership with the mechanical workshop Mark is opening down there. For those of you, who do not know South Africa, Ballito is on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal; about 6 hours drive from Johannesburg. It used to be a small coastal village, but is now expanding quite rapidly and Mark believes a workshop will do very well down there as there are not many workshops there and the ones that are there are not very good, or so he has been told by people he knows who live there. They flew back on Thursday morning. It was quite funny, he arrived at the airport when I woke up and got to work before me. He thinks it would be quite cool to get live at the coast and fly to work every day, possible, but costly!!!
Today, was also another hectic morning, Chad had to be at school at 7, so it was a mad rush of screaming, shouting and screeching to get out the door at 6.30, which never happened. We only left at 6.40 and just made it in time. I dropped him off at a minute to 7. An hour earlier than normal. All the grade 8 children were going to an Old Age Home in the area to have tea with the residents, so they had to be at school to finish off the treats they were taking to the old people. They baked scones yesterday and this morning they made sandwiches and other snacks and treats. They also had to each bring two 100g slabs of chocolate to give to the old people. It is a tradition at the school to go to the old age home at the end of the year and spoil the residents at the old age home.
Mark had to go to Nelspruit today on a breakdown as well; he left at 8 and was back at 14h30. It was over 500km's there and back, so he is pretty tired as well, driving in this heat. Tonight will be a very early night I think. Thank heavens it is Friday and another week has come to an end. At least we have hot water this weekend, which also means bathing dogs, because last weekend, we could not bath them.
Have a good weekend

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